Friday, February 17, 2012

Red and black make-up

   As I finally have a bit of time to catch up with my beauty blog, I have decided to dig up one of my most usual looks for a night out. Everyone that knows me, knows that I love extravagant make-up, which is usually pretty dark for that matter. Black is something that is ALWAYS on the menu. But I usually like to combine it with another color, mainly red, thanks to the fact that I have greenish-hazel eyes, so the red brings out their green shade a lot, while black gives the look intensity and much more dramatism. So here's this one:
   The picture is not the best, and I have no idea why I pushed out my piercing :)) buuuut yeah. I don't remember exactly all the products I used, I always combine a lot of stuff, add more here and there...I do know I used Dream Matte Mousse foundation and Stay Matte powder... on the eyes...uhh, this is difficult since I 'pimp up' my eyes differently all the time. But I know I used the 120 palette, a combination of all the reds and the brightest pink, and on the outer corner I used the 2 black shades in the corner of that palette (no use for adding a pic of that I guess). And the mascara was Lash Accelerator by Rimmel, which I will review with another occasion. Though my lashes are short and I have the feeling nothing can accelerate them, haha :D
   The lips were just given a tint of red lipstick, not an actual real layer, so that it doesn't have the genuine painted lips look, just a bit of color. 
   Anyway, will dig up some more make-up looks and show you, you can tell me your opinion!

Ah by the way, I need to change the layout around here again, I have a feeling that the comments don't work :-s Cheers darlings!

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