Tuesday, July 31, 2012

HAUL: Mineral Hygienics goodies!

   On this hot hot day, I went to get my package from the post office in Târgu-Mureş (city close to my town).  It was something I've been anxious to receive, since I've heard countless good things about these products. I want to give a huge thanks to Mineral Hygienics for giving me the opportunity to try some of their so massively praised products! I have a pretty problematic face, so I am curious if they will help me as much as they seem to have helped other people.
   I LOVED the professionality and playfullness of their packaging! I received a nice pinkish-red Mineral Hygienics box with white floral design on it. I was curious, so I opened it in the car, which was a bit of work since it was pretty well-sealed (which is good!). First I saw a whole bunch of black-pink zig-zag paper stripes, so I dug deeper. I found this Blue Raspberry candy, which was literally a sweet little bonus: on the inside it had this sour liquid that gets fizzy and stingy...like the candies called Shock that were popular longer ago :P yum-yum!
   Next, I found the real deal! A sheer pink tulle-like bag with 5 containers of pretty generous size and a brush! The company payed attention to everything, after they let me choose my products/ shades, they were willing to send me the XL Kabuki brush with them, but I already have that one, so I asked if I could get another brush instead....said and done!
   On the bottom, I found the invoice with some flyers and brochures.

Here you can see the products open (but well-sealed!) in natural light:

Here's what I got, as it stands on the invoice too:

- foundations: Sheer Foundation 20 gram: Light, Medium, Light Tan
- bronzer: Warm Kiss
- finishing powder: Matte
- brush: Flawless Face
- Product Directions Catalog, Face Flyer

I will be back with a bunch of reviews soon enough! Meanwhile, I have some good news for all of you:

- ATTENTION, my lovely READERS!!! -
You all have a 10% Off Mineral Hygienics Coupon Code, valid for 3 months!

COUPON CODE:  colorspiritattitude

Hope you enjoy the discount and quality of these products as much as I will! ;)


Sunday, July 29, 2012

Review: ASTOR Lycra Lacque Deluxe

   Hey beauties! I'm back from my trip, it was nice and, since it was in the mountains, it was pretty relaxing too...well, the sleeping part anyway, since the parties were the priority in this camp :)
   Today I wanted to write a few words about the nailpolish I am wearing right now. My mom praised it so much, I like this dark red color and thought I'd try it, it's 550 Red Lace. She warned me it dries very slowly, though. As always, I used a base coat, two coats of color and a top coat (of course, waiting for each layer to dry before applying the next one). 

   My conclusion: I'm rather disappointed...the color is lovely and indeed it doesn't chip off, but...eventhough I let it dry for more than an hour (is any nailpolish worth waiting more??), it has no shine almost at all, not even with a top coat....why? Because, I have the feeling it never dried completely...even now, after 4 days, if I touch it a bit harder with something, it leaves marks in it :| scratches...a good nailpolish shouldn't do that, right? Everything leaves trails in it and little hairs and stuff stick to it, which obviously looks very ugly:

As I said, my mom likes it very much, so who knows...I also have it on the toes and it looks better, but there I didn't have time to apply base and top coats. That means the base and top coats might be the problem, they are by Miss Sporty, but they've worked well with other nailpolishes. 

What was your experience with this nail polish?

Note! Reviews contain my personal honest opinion about the product. 


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

First aid kit components :)

   Hey darlings! I was away on a trip, it was ok, today I'm leaving on another one, but I'll try keeping you more updated this time. I carry this little thing around that I call my 'first aid kit'. It's mostly a make-up bag plus some bodycare stuff. I have more bodycare products with me, like shampoo and shower gel and stuff, but this I always have with me in my handbag. Here's what I have in it:

- small Ruby Rose palette (mostly shimmery, mostly bronze and nudes)
- small The Color Workshop palette (matte colors)
- Rimmel London Stay Matte pressed powder
- Farmasi Gleam Rouge nude lipgloss
- some pink blush
- Manhattan black mono eyeshadow
- Farmec black eyeliner
- Rimmel London concealer stick
- Rimmel London Lash Accelerator
- Rimmel London Stay Matte foundation
- Mineral Hygienics XL kabuki brush
- Miss Sporty Studio Lash black liquid eyeliner
- Alverde mini body butter with macadamia nut
- Aldo Valdini lipgloss/ balm
- leopard print nail file
- Revlon eyebrow tweezer
- wet wipes
- hair pins/ clips
- toothbrush
- razors


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Eyes Of The Day: Purple dusk

   So I'm done with my eye make-up, since I am going out a bit later; my cousin from Germany is home, haven't seen her for about 4 years, so we'll go have a sort of 'girls' night out' tonight :D
   As I can't stay away from dark shades but I wanted to mix it with something colorful, I made matte black find harmony with shimmery pink & purple. It's more blended than contrasting, but I do prefer colors to melt together. Here are some not very sharp pictures about how it turned out:

Products used (after I used a thin layer of concealer instead of primer):

Rimmel London concealer
Miss Sporty Studio Lash eyeliner
180 palette
Ruby Rose palette
- Rimmel London Lash Accelerator mascara
- Farmec black eyeliner pencil
- Miss Sporty eyebrow pencil


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Skin Lemonade

   'Morning! I want to show you what I did last night and loved the results.
Longer ago, I've seen an extremely simple facial scrub recipe that Kandee Johnson did a tutorial on. All you need is a lemon/ lemon juice, sugar and some cotton pads.

(Looks like I was getting ready for tequila shots, right? :DD )

1. Take the lemon and squeeze the juice out on the pads, or just pour lemon juice on them if you have it ready. 

( My nail broke just before that.. ;(( )

2. Put some sugar on the pads, it will have the abrasive role in this process.

3. Start massaging the sugar-lemon pads over your face for a few minutes, then rinse. Add more lemon and/or sugar meanwhile if needed. 

I must add, I have pretty oily skin with big pores. This thing did wonders for it, it turned SUPER soft, but not shiny at all, pores reduced to absolute minimum. With scrubs in general, this matte effect lasts for a few minutes, then it gets all shiny again. But with this simple little trick, the effect lasted even the next morning, even in this heat, no puffy, shiny face or so. I think I need to do this more often, for example before doing my make-up/ going out. 

P.S. I do this pretty rarely, and also, lemon can damage some skin types. I use it more as an emergency remedy, when I really need to make my skin look closer to flawless!

Has any of you tried this?


Monday, July 16, 2012

Review: Kallos Placenta Hair Mask & Heat Protection Spray

   Hey and good morning to you beauties! The weather is slightly more chill now, not that insane heat like in the past days....even if I like it, I like being able to breathe a bit as well :D
   I think you have noticed my focus on hair products lately, I guess it's also because I have to wash my hair more often and give it more attention in this hot weather, and because it's already damaged but I don't want to cut it anymore!

   In this post, I want to talk about 2 products by Kallos and I will start with the one I fell in love with a long time ago, and I haven't changed my opinion ever since. I just love it more and more.

Placenta Hair Mask - I've first tried it about...maybe 7 years ago? What can I say, I was completely in love since the first time I tried it. I know I used it after washing my hair and before straighening it. I was amazed by the results, my hair got straight, shiny and didn't get 'electric' at all. I've damaged my hair a lot since then, and a few months ago I've decided to re-purchase this hair mask. What can I say, the result was just as satisfying as it was years ago, even if my hair is in a MUCH worse condition now; it was straighetened almost daily for many years, dyed, bleached, and everything you can imagine. It's great to see that this product can put up with all that! I usually apply it after rinsing the shampoo, and leave it on for about 10 minutes. I tend to lose at least a bit of hair, if not a lot whenever I wash it, especially after conditioning it...no idea why :/ But when I am washing this treatment off, I never lose any hair AT ALL. It fortifies it, gives it shine and texture. It lasts for a long time, SMALL price (abot 5-7 Ron?), smells like plants, great results...Dislikes? NONE! :D



Next up:

Heat Protection/ Flat Iron Spray - I must confess I haven't used this very much yet, but when I did, I haven't noticed much difference. Maybe the ends were A BIT less frizzy, but not much else. That doesnt have to exclude the fact that it protects on the inside, so I am not too sure what to think. Dislikes? Maybe the smell, a bit. Call me crazy but seems to me it smells a bit like medicine or so. And the fact that I think it seems a bit dry somehow. But these were only my first impressions, I will be back with more after I've used it for some time.

Description and ingredients:

Note! Reviews contain my personal honest opinion about the product. 


Saturday, July 14, 2012


   Good morning beauties, how are you today? I'm a bit tired after a party yesterday, but super happy! Yesterday evening I picked something up from the post office, something I was super anxious about. I received these two products from Triodeluxe.ro that I've been wanting to try for a looong time! 

- ANIAN Liquid Keratin
- ANIAN Intensive Two-phase leave-in Conditioner

I'd like to thank Triodeluxe.ro for giving me the chance to test these products I've been dying to try for ages, plus that my hair desperately needs help. 
Review on these two darlings soon!


Friday, July 13, 2012

One Lovely Blog Award

   First of all, I want to thank the lovely mastermind of Bethezda's Preoccupations for giving me this award, it's actually my first award on this blog! <3 Next up, I'd like to apologize for being SO extremely late with this tag, I know it's been a few months, but as you might have noticed, I've been away for quite a while, didn't use blogger at all in this time, so now it is time to make up for it!
Thank you again, beautiful!

The rules: List seven things about yourself and then tag 15 other bloggers for the award.

1. My imagination is always ahead of me, so are my words. This makes me brutally honest, take it or leave it...

2. I love forensics, psychiatry, criminology, and everything related. I think I could be a good detective, as well as a professional villain, haha.

3. I have the bad habit of leaving parties or whatever events without saying goodbye to people. In one word, I have the habit of being rude. :P

4. My style can sometimes scare/ intrigue random people, and they have no idea that I am really the type of person that will help old ladies carry their bags, adore spending time with children and avoid ants on the street so that I won't crush them.

5. I only cry when I'm too stressed.

6. I am very much into veteran cars <3

7. I love animals more than anything, I even have a passion for insects, spiders, repiles and anything with awesome details. Also fluffy furballs or graceful animals, like horses.

These were 7 exremely random things about me, in the order in which they popped into my mind. Now, I'll tag 15 of the blogs I follow, in no particular order, I'll just try to merge some criterias: blogs I enjoy reading/ bloggers that are responsive (since I think a good blogger should interact in the beauty-blog community).
If you've been tagged with this award before, sorry! Also, if you don't want to participate, you don't have to :D

Undercover Beauty Addict - one of my bestest friends, that also helped me in my first steps with this blog!

Deia's little beauty spot - great blog with make-up and personal care, and she has a style similar to mine :D

o.O - cute girl, make-up, bodymods & more

CRAFTS FOR MISFITS - interesting and unusual crafts and other interesting stuff

Ami's Makeup Drawer - one of the first make-up blogs I started reading, and I love this girl!

Early Autopsy & White Scissors - useful information and lots of eye-candy

Alina lui Brumarel - good reviews and other info

Be Gorgeous by Adyna - great make-up blog, reviews & co.

Ana's Beauty Blog - creative make-up ideas, reviews and lots of homemade recipes to learn

Diary of a beauty addict - She supported my work from the beginning and has an awesome blog!

Glossy Lala - beautyful blog, really visual and inspirational

Toxic Cupcake - I just love her blog, make-up and everyday life alltogether

cristinatacaciu - more awesomeness here!

Testaholic - detailed posts and attitude :D

Geogia's Mirror - tutorials, reviews and more, go check it out!

Hope you will enjoy these 15 blogs as much as I do! :*


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Review: Balea dry shampoo

      When I first heard about dry shampoos, after wondering 'what on earth is that?' and got to see it all around beauty blogs, I got super curious to try such a product, especially because my hair does get oily pretty fast and I thought it can be a real help, if it really is effective. So while looking around in DM (one of the most addictive stores with large variety and good prices), I got this dry shampoo by Balea:

I've seen various shapes in which you can find a dry shampoo, this one is in a spray form. 
Once applied on your hair, it looks like powder sugar, this one is white, but you can find these in colour version as well, according to your hair color (ex. black, brown, blonde, red). 

What a dry shampoo does: Keeps the hair clean-looking for a longer time, absorbs the excessive oil without having to wash your hair.
How to use: Split your hair in a few sections and spray each part where you need it most, pretty close to the roots but not on the scalp directly (because, as I said, it looks like powder sugar and you don't want to end up looking like a donut if some of it gets stuck on your scalp..) Leave it in for a few minutes, then comb/ brush it out really well.

Results in my case: It does have some effect, of course my hair didn't look 'as good as new', but it works as a quick solution when I'm in a hurry. It made my hair a bit thick, but eliminated the greasy look pretty well. Don't expect your hair to look like when you just washed it, it doesn't really have much shine after 'powdering it up'. What I didn't like is that it gives me a bit of dandruff, that usually goes away only about after washing it about 2 times. Thus, I only use this product in case of emergency.

Would I buy it again? Well yes, it is something I am not totally satisfied with, but it can come in handy sometimes. Though maybe I would try another dry shampoo next time...any recommendations?

Note! Reviews contain my personal honest opinion about the product. 


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Look of the day: Spontaneous Pin-up

   Was playing with make-up, as usually. And once again, I was inspired by the beauty and ellegance of Dita von Teese. I once had a  NOTD inspired by her manicure and I will do a better mani inspiration, as well as a much better and more detailed Dita make-up, with lenses and all (maybe). For now, I did this from memory and exaggerate the contrasts a bit more. 

Eyeliner got a bit screwed up, but well!

...actually, I've used a lot of (more or less) noname products this time. I have a lot of noname stuff I like a lot anyway, and some that I use only for pictures. Same goes for expensive products that don't work great for me, I still take use of them for playing with them at home. That's useful because they don't go to waste completely even if I can't wear them while being outside for hours, either because they don't last, are not my for my skin type or so, or I simply don't feel good being out in public with those colors. 

 So finally, these are the products:

Rimmel London Stay Matte pressed powder 
Rimmel London Stay Matte foundation
The Color Workshop pink blush
Rimmel London eyebrow pencil
- some Fraulein38 brushes (not in the picture, but I am Captain Obvious ;D )
Rimmel London Volume Flash mascara
- Golden Rose matte brown eyeshadow (crease)
- The Color Workshop palette with 6 colors (light peach on the lid mixed with shimmery white, warm brown color in the crease)
Kallos  liquid eyeliner
some noname red lipstick
Ruby Rose palette (some of the lightest colors in the first row for the lid & highlights)

Oh, about the Kallos eyeliner (presented it to you in a haul last winter)...I don't think I'll buy it again anytime soon :( it gets messy and dries slowly :

Note! Reviews contain my personal honest opinion about the product. 


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tag - Products I am using at the moment

Stole this from The Beauty Hooligan ! :D

Shampoo: L'Oreal Elseve for volume (purple ones)....mostly! <3
Conditioner:  same, L'Oreal Elseve for volume (purple ones)
Hair mask: Kallos Placenta hair mask
Styling Products: The strongest hairspray by Taft (black one), alternating it with Wellaflex (medium), Wellaflex mousse sometimes
Shower Gel: Avon Gold shower oil
Body Moisturiser: Alverde Macadamia Nut body butter <3
Face Mask: some natual homemade fruit masks, and some from Balea
Moisturiser: Elmiplant mattifying moisturizer
Cleanser: Cosmetic Plant hip-rose make-up remover
Foundation: Rimmel London Stay Matte at the moment, but I don't always use it
Powder: Rimmel London Stay Matte as well
Concealer: one by Astor and one by Rimmel London
Blush: Rimmel London as well :)) and a noname one that I love
Bronzer: None at the moment, just bronzy eyeshadows
Highlighter: a pearly-peachy color by Golden Rose
Eyeshadows: My main one is a black mono by Manhattan
Eye Primer: I need a new primer, right now I use a thin layer of concealer for that purpose
Eyeliner: Miss Sporty Lash Studio eyeliner
Mascara: Rimmel London Volume Flash mascara
Lashes: the wonderful lashes I got from KKCenterHK
Lipstick: Farmasi liquid lipstick in a nude shade
Lipgloss: Well, the product above is a hybrid between lipstick and gloss, that is the one I use mainly atm :D
Perfume: Covet by Sarah Jessica Parker
Nail Colour: I have a grey-blue shade by Alix Avien at the moment, along with Miss Sporty base and top coats.

Please feel free to steal this and let me know, so I can see what you like! :D