Monday, July 9, 2012

Summer specifics :)

   Good evening, darlings! I'm halfway done with some reviews, mainly about certain hair products I've been using in a desperate attempt to restore my hair. But I am in such a chill mood, I'm just going to be random and present my LOTD, a light summerish make-up.
    But, first of all, I have a question for you! Do you happen to know if I can find Viva la Diva nailpolish in Romania somewhere?? I have two of them, but got them in Sweden a long time ago, I love their quality and funky colors! These are the two I have, they are a bit damaged (my dog stole the blue one once, FFUUU) and I also need better light, but voila:

And now for my LOTD...nothing special, just played around with make-up in summer shades, but I must confess, later on when I went out, I personalized it with much more black! :>

And now, this is how my evening will continue:

Want some icecream? Here ya go! *_*

<333 her

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