Thursday, September 5, 2019

Mystery palette? GORGEOUS

Let's admit it, sometimes we are attracted by looks at first! That is what happened with this (sort of?) noname palette that I spotted on a trip this summer. 
It has so many things written on it that I don't know which the brand or name really is, if you know,please comment below, I appreciate it! The neat packaging stole my heart, it is very "extra" and good quality, so far it survived a music festival and a long bumpy ride home. It is intact and prettier than ever.

It will surely make a lovely piece in my collection, but does it work as well as it looks, for the reasonable price it had? Swatches and review soon ❤️ 

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Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Neutrogena and Vichy moisturizing essentials

   Hello darlings! Today, I would like to present to you two summer essentials that added a plus to my skincare routine and turned out to make a significant difference.

- Neutrogena HYDRO BOOST express hydrating spray -  Basically, I use this any time I feel like my skin is a bit dry and can use a sip of water. Having a combination to oily skin, I never really found any moisturizers that can well be used under make-up and not make-it look the least bit damp or oily in a very short time. I can use this one because it is lightweight and gets absorbed very quickly, leaving the skin silky smooth. The packaging is a basic plastic spray, so you needn't worry about breaking it by accident.

- Vichy MINERAL 89 fortifying and plumping daily booster - This one is a bit more luxurious and I felt like it is more intensely hydrating, it works like a serum so I mainly used it in the evening, under a moisturizing night cream. I tried using it on it's own under make-up as well, it works but made my skin look oily faster in the T-zone, thing that I am very picky about. However, during the night it absorbs well along with a cream and the skin feels like a dream in the morning. The packaging feels pretty heavy and also the product is more expensive.

What moisturizing bonuses do you give your skin?

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