Thursday, April 5, 2018

Goth Visual Kei Make-Up

   Hello there! Today I want to share one of the most fun make-up looks I have done until now. I feel like I could have gone more in detail with it, but given that I don't have much time on my hands, the result still has the desired effect.
   Some of you who know me a bit better, might know that I am totally obsessed with J-Rock and basically everything Japanese, the GazettE being one of my favourite bands. I still have some recent faces to show you, but today is Visual Kei day! <3

Let me know what you think of it! Just to do things right, I will post a fitting song, enjoy! <3


Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Butterfly Make-Up

   I finally could spare some time to post more pictures of this colorful butterfly experiment. A while ago, I have received a BB Cream from BornPretty and had repurchased it afterwards for winter time, can't remember the price, though. So that is what I used on my face, plus Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder, I have also mentioned it around here longer ago, saying it's my "go-to powder". Most of the eye make-up was done with Sleek palettes, except the predominant violet, which is....wait for it...A Monster High mono eyeshadow. No joke. I have paid next to nothing for it at some tiny shop and it is my fav purple shade up to date. I will post more about it and some more pocket-friendly finds in the future.
I apologize for not being able to list the products and shades exactly anymore, but I have created this look a few weeks ago; some of you might have already seen it on my Instagram or Facebook page .


Do let me know your opinion please, it is much appreciated! 


Thursday, January 18, 2018

December 31th make-up [LOTD]

   I thought of showing you the very last make-up of last year. I wasn't going for something specific, just let my creativity flow unconventionally, like most of the time. As some of you might have noticed on my instagram page, I tend to incline towards the visual kei style, as some of my favorite bands are J-Rock bands. The japanese bands with heaps of creativity, fabulous hair and make-up and kickass music <3 

The pictures are definitely phone quality, but meh!


Here's a tune in closing, a piece of my inspiration:


Friday, January 12, 2018

Happy New Year 2018 !!!

   Hello dear peeps, and first of all, Happy New Year!!! <3

   Leaving all the sparkly cheers aside, it is time to get a bit, but just a bit realistic. For me, 2017 has been an incredibly tumultuous year. Without detailing things too much: I've moved apartments, I now live with my cat, Pazuzu. The name fits him like a glove, since he can be a vicious little creeper, haha. 

   Also, I've changed jobs twice. First change was not what I had expected, didn't like the atmosphere either, so after taking a summer vacation to visit home and then visit my friends in Budapest, I started at another multinational company and I like it so far...well, for as long as I plan to stay in Romania, at least. 

   Now for the classical things: What are your new-years resolutions? I haven't made up any really firm ones, but will definitely try to be at the gym more regularly, continue eating healthy enough, which is something I already started in these past months. Funny, the healthier you eat for a longer while, the less unhealthy cravings you will have. That is a win-win situation, I must say. 

   I'd love to hear about your ambitions for this year, so leave a comment and inspire me! :D


Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Sleek Palette Haul

   Hello, dears! First of all, I'd like you to know that I am having problems with my Pixiedust Facebook profile....again. It's been quite a war to have them unblock my account last time, and I had the same problem again. Why? Because of course, it is not my real name, it is a make-up artist profile, not my personal one. Oh well! Hope to be able to sign back in and as soon as I have my papers in order (moving cities can be a pain in that way), can start again with appointments *excited*.

   I think I am the last make-up blogger on the interwebs that hasn't yet written a post dedicated to Sleek Make-Up. Also the only one that still hasn't bought the whole collection; was focused on other brands, will get to them soon. BUT! I made up for a part of that mistake recently and purchased some of the famous palettes:

-Au Naturel, it was my first ever Sleek palette a long time ago and I actually finished it completely, except a bit of the matt grey and mustard shades (still, I hit pan).

-A New Day and All Night Long, two seemingly similar palettes, but if you love natural shades, highlight and transition shades, it's really not a bad idea to buy both.

-Bad Girl, had my eyes on this one for a long time. Super intense and ellegant.

-Sunset, this was also an old prey. 

   As soon as I have my phone back from reparationsm I will be able to take more photos, as my current replacement phone doesn't really snap blog-friendly photos. Eventhough millions of girls have posted swatches, I'll do another post with swatches and looks using these palettes.

What is your experience with Sleek Palettes? Which one do you like best?