Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Review: GOSH Smokey Eyes Palette

   Happy holidays, everyone! 
Frankly, I am not such a big fan of holidays and stuff, so I didn't make a huge fuss out of it, but I did enjoy the parties, family, boyfriend and friends so far!
Now I will finally review the palette GOSH were nice enough to send me, along with other amazing products. Eventhough they chose the products and colors for me, they nailed it pretty well, this is 03 Plum! Along with blacks and greys, I use natural shades mostly, especially at the moment. More like, I combine black with natural shades.
Now, the name of the palette is 'smokey eyes'. To be honest, the shades don't really satisfy my expectation of smokey eyes, since I mostly use much darker tones to be more or less 'smokey'. But this palette is enough for those who seek for a less bold and more subtle smokey eyes look. Though I love the darkest shade, and combined with black eyeliner and/ or black eyeshadow in the outer corners/ crease, it works very well! I use the rest of them as highlighters, which they are amazing for.


- natural-looking, no excess of shimmer
- beautiful colors; the lightest ones work as awesome highlighters for me, and the darkest one works for a smokey look, especially 'tuned up' with some black (this is subjective though, since when we talk 'smokey' I prefer something very intense)
- easy to blend, didn't experience much fallout either.
- lasts pretty well, didn't crease (and I wore it just with concealer, no primer).


- the colors are a bit sheer, which is not necessarily bad, but I need more layers for good coverage
- the two darker colors are a little bit dusty, as you can see below and in the swatches
- as I said, the resistence is pretty good, though I need to find a new primer since I am out of primer, and then I can judge more fairly if the lasting will get from ok to amazing. :D

All in all, I really like it and would try their grey-black version of this palette too. I am thankful to GOSH for allowing me to review this product! Soon I'll review the last two of the GOSH package, the mascaras, which are my favourites from what they have sent me! 

Did you try this palette or any GOSH palette? 
p.s. As I said, I need to get a new primer, and I've got my eyes set on the one by Avon, does anyone have an opinion about that one yet? Please tell me! x

*Note! Reviews contain my personal honest opinion about the product.

   Now I'll leave you with a song that I love, from a band that I love, and the title of the song is the same as a movie that I love (even if I am not really into vampire stories, but the old Lost Boys is great).

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Aaaand...GOSH HAUL + Velvet Touch Lipstick Review!

   Hello, dears! I am behind on everything....EVERYTHING! This humble beauty-blog is just one of them, still I need to recover with a storm of posts and try to make up for the lost time. Let me tell you a few words about my absence; I attended an international theatre festival for about two weeks, from the end of November until the 7th of December, in another city (Cluj). It would have lasted a few days more, but I came home earlier for my boyfriend's birthday, which I wouldn't have missed for anything in the world. That lasted almost 4 days, in a warm cottage with some friends, food and drinks, and of course loud music! Then, I have tons and tons of work to get done on a huge pile of texts, which kind of takes up all my time, trying to improve my Swedish (alone) for a potential job, plus boyfriend-time. See, he was another one of life's extreme surprises. I was really stubborn about not getting involved with anyone for a while, and mind my own business which I have plenty of. We've known eachother for many years, at least 5-6. We've always had something going on and I always drooled over him and cared about him, but didn't think we'd work, for certain reasons. But now we found eachother again and I am happier than ever! 

   Ok, enough girl talk and gossip! Just wanted to update you girls. A few weeks ago, I received some products from GOSH Denmark. Needless to say, I love each and every one of them with all my heart!! 

I was more than satisfied with the packaging, details can change a lot when it comes to forming an opinion, in my case! All the products were individually wrapped in beautiful black paper, and there was also a handwritten greeting card, cute! Here's what I got:

- GOSH Smokey Eyes Palette in 03 Plum
- GOSH Boombastic XXL Volume Mascara, black
- GOSH Catchy Eyes Mascara, black
- GOSH Velvet Touch Lipstick in 150 Kitten Pink

* * * * * *
Review - GOSH Velvet Touch Lipstick

   So, one of the four GOSH products I got is this lipstick, I've decided to include the review of one of the products in this post, because it will be raining posts on this blog these days, hopefully. First of all, I must say that if I would've been asked to choose the products I want, I never would have chosen a pink lipstick. I don't use lipsticks too much, pink ones even less, since I am not really the pinkie type. But surprise! I actually like this one! There is one light pink shade that I can pull off, the warm-toned pink. I mostly apply only a little bit, dab it on a balm for just a tint of color and it's an amazing effect, especially with brownish smokey eyes. However, wearing it 'full-on' is also neat, let me tell you why;

The shade is nr. 150 Kitten Pink.


- eventhough it's a matte, bright color, it doesn't make fine wrinkles or cracks obvious (cracked lips being very possible this season). On the contrary, I have the feeling it hides them

- nourishing and moisturizing, unlike most matte lipsticks I've tried

- it's creamy, yet it lasts very well!

- the packaging; it is simple and classy, matte black in combination with shiny black, and there's the GOSH logo engraved in the lipstick itself, which is an extra cute detail!


- I am usually a bit disappointed when companies don't ask us to pick out the products they are about to send for testing, so in the beginning I thought I won't have much use of this lipstick, but I've discovered it's great pluses, so this was a con just initially, now I don't have any complaints! 

Thank you, GOSH!

Have you tried this lipstick or any other GOSH products? x

*Note! Reviews contain my personal honest opinion about the product.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Lucy Minerals goodies!

   Heya dears! I got yet another package yesterday, from Lucy Minerals! Was anxious to get them, and I have to go to another city for packages that are delivered from outside the EU...but I went anyway, to bring my babies home. I was simply delighted to find so many mineral pigments, awesome colors, ALL of them! I swatched the colorful ones (blushes and eyeshadows) and they are divine, I promise you that! Also got a cute little handwritten card with kind words - LOVE these sweet details!! There are a bunch of foundations/powders, bronzers/blushes, and eyeshadows - two of them shimmery and one glittery (very interesting; dark red with turqoise glitter).

Here are some pics so you can see what I am talking about, swatches and reviews to follow soon!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Black Friday at Triodeluxe!

   Triodeluxe have a surprise for you all! As I know many of you love their products, you will surely be delighted to hear that they have Black Friday discounts, which is tomorrow, November 23rd. So grab this oportunity and raid their site for amazing haircare & co. products HERE!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Make-Up Magazine

   Hey, sweets! This flu I have is getting on my nerves realllly badly :( I wanted to go on a trip tomorrow, seems like it gets postponed 'til Sunday, hopefully I will feel better by then...

   Right now, I wanted to show you a magazine I bought about two weeks ago, because it caught my eye, in Kaufland I think. I've been buying LOTS of magazines as a kid, of all sorts., music magazines, mags for girls, etc. but I haven't bought any for a long time, and when it comes to music and I really want to buy something, it's usually metal magazines. Otherwise, I just read stuff online and focus more of my money on books at this age :P But I HAD to buy this! It's called MAKE-UP MAGAZINE, the name says it all! It's a high quality magazine with lots of tutorials, creative and inspirational make-up, useful information and more. 

Here's a sneak peak, I don't want to reveal much of it, just to give you an idea! 

Beautiful quality (it leaves me the impression of a book more than a magazine),  96 pages + covers, the price is of 23 Ron. This is nr. 1, I will be collecting this! :D

Hope you make-up crazy people enjoy this magazine as much as I do! x

Thursday, October 25, 2012

LOTD: Miami Rock

   Aaaaaand here is the party look I mentioned! Unfortunately, on the pictures it didn't turn out as intense as it was in reality, but you get the picture! Electric colors, thick eyeliner and so on! For this I made my skin look more tanned than I am since I can imagine this look for a summer night more like, don't really know why! But if you use less bronzer or a blush in colder tones, with all the cold colors, it can be perfect for this cold season too. So finally, here are some pics:

Products used:

 - 180 Eyeshadow Palette
Manhattan Multi Effect black mono eyeshadow
Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation in 303 True Nude
Ciccarelli Glossy Lip Balm
Laura Mercier Shimmer Bloc in Orchid Mosaic (as highlighter)
Rimmel Volume Flash Mascara in Extreme Black
Kallos liquid eyeliner in 01 Black

Do you like this look? Like crazy colors? Leave a comment, don't be shy! ;)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Review: MINERAL HYGIENICS Mineral Enhancer

Good evening, darlings! I'm glad to see some of you enjoyed the look I've posted earlier today! I was usually not a fan of yellow/ golden and purple combination, but it really fit the season and weather today!

I wanted to do this review yesterday evening, but I had pilates, then I got home really tired and could not get myself to gather my thoughts for the post. Though I was anxious because I love this product and it deserves all the attention! Mineral Hygienics made me fall in love with mineral make-up and made it a MUST HAVE in my rutine! 
Must confess, this Mineral Enhancer in Warm Kiss is more suitable for summertime for me, since now I am quite pale, and the pigmentation is strong and you only need a minimal amount for very visible results. 
It contains shimmer particles which look really pleasant, so even on pale skin, a moderately small amount gives my face some extra life, mainly for a party look! Actually, I have a party look prepared where I used this bronzer/ blush, so stay tuned! ;)

Official description:

'Warm Kiss Mineral Bronzer
'Everyone's favorite! Soft, sheer, subtle sunkissed glow. Create the illusion of radiant, sun-kissed skin! Use as a healthy looking complexion booster, blush, cheek contour, eye shadow or lip color. Our Sheer Mineral Enhancers are light, natural and are perfect for color adjustments to your foundation.'

Swtaches (no primer, directly on skin; first one layer, then 2):

*natural light:

*flash (so you can see the amount of shimmer it has):

  • mineral benefits
  • strong pigmentation, you don't need much product for the desired effect
  • a good amount of product for your money
  • healthy-looking, yet subtle shimmer
  • Mineral Hygienics services, definitely!!! They were very generous, polite and elaborate in their responses, impecable and cute packaging!
  • adheres to the skin right VERY well so you need to apply it little by little
  • incredible staying power I met in all Mineral Hygienics products!
  • cute and ellegant container. Also, doesn't let pigments slip out like so many loose pigments do.

  • nothing really, just the same 'problems' I face with any product in shape of loose pigments: it can be tricky to carry around and re-touch, needs to be handled carefully since some pigments can fly around very easily when opening for example, BUT it is TOTALLY WORTH IT!

Would I re-purchase it? YES!!! I am glad though I still have a lot of all of my Mineral Hygienics products received in July, eventhough I use them almost daily. I will review the rest of these products (foundations, powder, brushes) very soon!

Oh, by the way, here's a sneak preview of the look I was talking about! I used this bronzer here:

*Note! Reviews contain my personal honest opinion about the product.

LOTD: Autumn Plum

   It's a sunny Autumn day and I'm about to go have coffee with some friends. This is the first make-up from the Autumn/ Fall series, even if I'm running late with them. This one and another one I have prepared are just basically wearable, not too heavy make-up looks with a bit of extra. As you can see, I didn't fill in the brows too much either, didn't create a fancy cat-eye-ish eyeliner or false lashes. It's just a game of colors, quickly done. And I chose some colors that I see very fitting for Autumn; shimmery yellowish gold, smoked out with some dark plum.

  1.    Products used:
 - 180 Eyeshadow Palette
- Manhattan Multi Effect black mono eyeshadow
- Mineral Hygienics Sheer Mineral Foundation in Light
Miss Sporty Ohh! Tan So Fine bronzing powder
Laura Mercier Lip Plumper in Wildberry
Laura Mercier Shimmer Bloc in Orchid Mosaic
- Rimmel Volume Flash Mascara in Extreme Black
- Kallos liquid eyeliner in 01 Black

Did you like this look? What colors suit this season best for you? x

p.s. Leaving you girls with an awesome song by an awesome band, it will make your day even more awesome! ;)

Monday, October 22, 2012

Review: MISS SPORTY Oh Tan So Fine Bronzing Powder

   Back in August, I spontaneously bought a bronzer while shopping for some other make-up supplies. I didn't own an actual bronzer for quite a while, been using some noname blush/ bronzing pearls (pink with golden reflexes), altering or combined with the usual eyeshadow-for-blush/bronzer trick, while prefering to invest more in eye products and skincare stuff. But with this one I was attracted by the price (15 Ron) and the cute sun figure engraved into the product (which is common in bronzers anyway, but... :P). It is more matte than shimmery and pretty natural looking. Finally, we are talking about Miss Sporty Oh Tan So Fine Bronzing Powder in 001-Sun Kissed, the lighter version of the two the store had, not sure if there are more than two shades

Swatches (different light and angles):

 **I didn't use any kind of primer underneath, just applied directly onto the skin.

I mostly use it on my cheekbones, starting from the hairline and blending it towards the center of the face, fading it out, and then applying a light pink blush on the apples of my cheeks, blending it outwards. It's a quite healthy, natural-looking combination, also for pale skin, as long as you don't exaggerate with either of the colors.

  • sheer and buildable, especially if you're going for a more natural look, which also makes it ideal for daytime too
  • suits pale skin for the same reasons as above
  • the price

  • the fact that it's a bit chalky and not so creamy or pigmented, though that makes it more buildable
  • contains some rigid particles as you can see above
Would I re-purchase it? Yes, sure, especially for that price, and all the pros. In fact, I think I will soon buy the darker version, though I guess I won't be using that much until the sun sets in again in full force next year, or festive make-ups, or other people with a darker skintone. :)

*Note! Reviews contain my personal honest opinion about the product.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Review: Triple Function Skin79 BB Cream

   So I participated in the testing campaign for this Skin79 BB Cream where you got a little free sample of it. I don't remember the details exactly, I know I saw it on facebook, you just had to send them your address and you had the sample delivered and, in my case, it took a long time to arrive. 

   Before, when reading about BB Creams and seeing them all over the place, I wasn't extremely tempted, since my skin gets oily fast and has visible pores, so I always try to keep it matte when going out, like with mousse foundation or mineral foundation (recently I've stopped using thick coverage just cause I don't feel like it). Hence, BB Creams sounded a bit too 'creamy' for my face and thought they would make it look shiny, I was also worried about a weird, insufficient coverage. Then, I got a ton of Garnier BB Cream samples (review soon!), started using it and changed my mind regarding BB Creams. Then I recieved this sample by Skin79. I can say I fell for it right away.

Official description: 

'Hot Pink Super Plus Beblesh Balm 40g. TOTAL SOLUTION BB CREAM WITH 10-IN-1 EFFECTS. Moisture based triple function BB cream takes care of the base as well as colour makeup and allows the skin to look bright and natural without greasiness or feeling tight.'

(Sorry guys, didn't take a pic before opening it!)


  • sebum control and moisturizing at the same time
  • has a thicker consistency than the other BB Cream I tried before, but it blends out super easily, feels light and easy on the skin
  • the fact that it has greyish/pink undertones!!! (and not yellow like MOST face products, pfff), providing whitening effect 
  • UV protection
  • anti-wrinkle function
  • pretty good, though natural-looking, light coverage
  • the price not being too accessible since it's about $ 28.00
  • the fact that this review has to be based more like on a first impression, since they only sent 1 sample and it is quite tiny, used it about 2 times and the third time the leftovers as a concealer, under mineral foundation. Yet, I am grateful for this little sample too and I can honestly say it impressed me!

*Note! Reviews contain my personal honest opinion about the product.