Friday, March 9, 2012

NOTD: Farmec

   Good evening darlings! I have been very very busy, even now I'm tired...not going anywhere tonight, I will get some choco liquor and start writing album reviews :D That's partially why I've been so busy these days, and also got an important interview to do, so in order to ask good questions, I had a lot of research to do. For those who don't know, I have a webzine called Playdeadnation , it's for people that like music with attitude and great messages between the lines. Also stands AGAINST animal cruelty, and supports tolerance, creativity and bravery for people to express themselves.

   So, that's what kept me busy, plus been doing make-up for photoshoots at a studio. Now I want to show you my nails of the day, well actually 2 days ago (but it's still put and looks almost perfect!)
   This is one of my favourite nail colors, by Farmec. I don't remember the price, I bought it in some supermarket a few months ago and fell in love with the color immediately! As you might have noticed, I love interesting colors and this certainly is one. It's a sort of mix between grey (maybe very dark silver, with almost no shimmery reflexes at all), a sort of beige and a tiny hint of mauve. This is another one that can be both ellegant and edgy. The color seems buildable, though I needed 3 coats for full opacity, BUT I didn't use a base coat since I was in a hurry. Here are some pictures:
I think it's Nr...361? And on the nails:
I feel it's my duty to apologize for the sloppy quality once again. Did you try this polish or do you know a similar weird color? What did you think about it?

Note! Reviews contain my personal honest opinion about the product.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Late February Favourites

   Been intending to do this earlier, but first my camera ran out of batteries, and then I was too busy with other stuff. I think these monthly favourites is a useful thing, you can see what other people really appreciate, and for example when I see several people mentioning the same product, I can't help being curious about it!
   Here are some of my personal favourite products from last month!

- my love, the only one that had the power to control my oily skin AND gives great coverage! Dream Matte Mousse foundation -
- my absolute favourite powder since many years: Rimmel Stay Matte -
- after being disappointed by numerous Nivea lip balms, this Fruity Shine one with Pink Guava actually takes good care of my lips and looks beautiful, and is DELICIOUS -
- I can't live without solid deodorants, and now I have this one by Nivea, it is great -
- light glycerine handcream by Avon, I like the fact that it's not too greasy (and I can sleep with it on my hands, I can't stand greasy hand creams, especially while sleeping, because I usually have my hand on my face/ hair) -
- since I don't like using perfumes because they are way too strong for me and I don't like strong smells, I use sprays, and since I was practically a kid, I've been loving B.U.! The green one was my favourite, but since they stopped making it, I have been experimenting with their other stuff, and I currently love B.U. Rockaholic! -
- last but not least, something that always helps me with A LOT of problems is castor oil (ro.: ulei de ricin). I use it for hair, for lashes, nails, even on skin to reduce redness, it's good for just about anything and it's incredible!-

That was it for now! A bit late with this post, but better later than never, huh? :D What do you think about these products?

Note! Reviews contain my personal honest opinion about the product.

NOTD: Dita Von Teese inspired nails

   I've been wanting to try this nail style for SO long...They are partially inspired by burlesque showgirl Dita Von Teese (and no, the fact that she's Marilyn Manson's ex wife didn't influence me, even if he is one of my favourite artists, that's their own business!). I love her extremely ellegant but edgy and dark style and perfection. I personally think she should RATHER be seen as a beauty icon than these celebrities that pop out nowadays and are all kitsch...anyway!
   My work didn't turn out that perfectly, and I did i after waking up. I will do a matching make-up as well, now we'll stick to the nails because trust me, you DON'T want to see my face when I wake up.
So this is an example of her wearing the manicure I am talking about:
So, I followed this style, but I made the bottom part white and my nails have a more square shape. This is what I did in a rush, just to see what it looks like:

Products used: 2 layers of red (Farmasi), 2 careful layers of white on the bottom of the nails (Kallos nail art) and 1 layer of top coat (Farmasi). And yes, they are a bit dirty with lipstick.
Note: - the red looks more orange on the nails than in reality
- I didn't use any kind of stencils, just did it by free hand that is why it didn't turn out perfectly, and also because it's my first try.
- had the manicure for more than 24 hours so far and it's behaving well so far, not like some nailpolish that chips off after a few hours.

I have a lot of other ideas for this style, when I actually get to put them in practice I will show you the result! I really like this kind of manicure, actually much more than the usual french manicure that everyone wears. It does look good but it's really EVERYWHERE and I loose interest in something that is all over the place and becomes less original. 
Feel free to tell me your opinion!

Note! Reviews contain my personal honest opinion about the product.