Saturday, March 3, 2012

NOTD: Dita Von Teese inspired nails

   I've been wanting to try this nail style for SO long...They are partially inspired by burlesque showgirl Dita Von Teese (and no, the fact that she's Marilyn Manson's ex wife didn't influence me, even if he is one of my favourite artists, that's their own business!). I love her extremely ellegant but edgy and dark style and perfection. I personally think she should RATHER be seen as a beauty icon than these celebrities that pop out nowadays and are all kitsch...anyway!
   My work didn't turn out that perfectly, and I did i after waking up. I will do a matching make-up as well, now we'll stick to the nails because trust me, you DON'T want to see my face when I wake up.
So this is an example of her wearing the manicure I am talking about:
So, I followed this style, but I made the bottom part white and my nails have a more square shape. This is what I did in a rush, just to see what it looks like:

Products used: 2 layers of red (Farmasi), 2 careful layers of white on the bottom of the nails (Kallos nail art) and 1 layer of top coat (Farmasi). And yes, they are a bit dirty with lipstick.
Note: - the red looks more orange on the nails than in reality
- I didn't use any kind of stencils, just did it by free hand that is why it didn't turn out perfectly, and also because it's my first try.
- had the manicure for more than 24 hours so far and it's behaving well so far, not like some nailpolish that chips off after a few hours.

I have a lot of other ideas for this style, when I actually get to put them in practice I will show you the result! I really like this kind of manicure, actually much more than the usual french manicure that everyone wears. It does look good but it's really EVERYWHERE and I loose interest in something that is all over the place and becomes less original. 
Feel free to tell me your opinion!

Note! Reviews contain my personal honest opinion about the product.


  1. ce unghii superbe ai!! Foarte fain ti-a iesit :) Am incercat si eu dar nu`mi iese niciodata :))

    1. Mersiii! :D Da, incerc sa le cresc cumva fara sa se exfloieze si sa se tot rupa..:-s Nici mie nu-mi ies mereu cand incerc sa fac ceva mai deosebit, si asta mi-a luat MULT timp :))

  2. Oh man your nails are so pretty and long. Love the square tip.
    I personally like this mani and I don't feel that you see it "out and about" too much, mostly in fashion mags. So..... I guess I don't feel that it's overdone too much.
    Have you tried this in black and red? Love to see what that wold look like. :) Awesome mani, you've got mad skills yo! ;D

    1. Thank you! :D Sometimes I like square tips, sometimes I like them rounded and sometimes sharp, like V shape <3 Thanks, I like it too! It's not as overrated as the regular white tip style french mani still it's gorgeous! Not yet, but I should, and also with black and silver, omg so many ideas! Thanks again honey! :")