Saturday, March 3, 2012

Late February Favourites

   Been intending to do this earlier, but first my camera ran out of batteries, and then I was too busy with other stuff. I think these monthly favourites is a useful thing, you can see what other people really appreciate, and for example when I see several people mentioning the same product, I can't help being curious about it!
   Here are some of my personal favourite products from last month!

- my love, the only one that had the power to control my oily skin AND gives great coverage! Dream Matte Mousse foundation -
- my absolute favourite powder since many years: Rimmel Stay Matte -
- after being disappointed by numerous Nivea lip balms, this Fruity Shine one with Pink Guava actually takes good care of my lips and looks beautiful, and is DELICIOUS -
- I can't live without solid deodorants, and now I have this one by Nivea, it is great -
- light glycerine handcream by Avon, I like the fact that it's not too greasy (and I can sleep with it on my hands, I can't stand greasy hand creams, especially while sleeping, because I usually have my hand on my face/ hair) -
- since I don't like using perfumes because they are way too strong for me and I don't like strong smells, I use sprays, and since I was practically a kid, I've been loving B.U.! The green one was my favourite, but since they stopped making it, I have been experimenting with their other stuff, and I currently love B.U. Rockaholic! -
- last but not least, something that always helps me with A LOT of problems is castor oil (ro.: ulei de ricin). I use it for hair, for lashes, nails, even on skin to reduce redness, it's good for just about anything and it's incredible!-

That was it for now! A bit late with this post, but better later than never, huh? :D What do you think about these products?

Note! Reviews contain my personal honest opinion about the product.

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