Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Purifying and drainage tea by Fares

   Eventhough this is a romanian product, I will write about it in english so that everyone can understand! (not fond of translating my posts in any language for various reasons, one of them being that I babble a lot, and plus I have two native languages to start with! So I'd end up with even LONGER posts).

First of all: I love tea!
Second of all, I don't know about you, but I tend to gain weight during winter, more than ever! I eat a lot, lots of sweets during holidays (yum!), since I hate cold I stay indoors a lot, and basically the work that I do is on the computer. So at the end of winter, I feel a desperate need to get back in shape! I don't really do any other kind of 'workout' except walking, trying to do more and more of that now. So, I relied on this weightloss tea by Fares to help me with this problem, it promises purification and drainage. 
   The good thing is I usually drink tea without any sweeteners, it stands on the package that it shouldn't be sweetened with anything. Fine with me! 
The taste is not a bad one, I like it, tastes of herbs.
I don't know about you, but for me it works! It says you should drink it for 6-8 weeks, with 1month break. Well I didn't calculate much, I think I've been drinking it for about two weeks (excep one day). The package recommends 2 cups/ day, but I usually drink 3 unless I have to go somewhere. I am pleased and don't have problems, don't have to 'rent out the bathroom' like some girls were complaining. It does speed up the metabolism a bit, but that effect is not too strong, it is just right. But I guess it depends on everyone's organism! So you can increase or diminish the quantity, according to your reaction. 
But I can really see results on arms, legs, waistline/stomach and just overall. Don't think you will be skin and bones after a cup or so, haha! I don't even want that! Just want to get back into my normal shape :D
I will continue with this tea for at least the indicated time and will tell you what direction it will lead me to eventually :)

What was your experience with this tea, or with any weightloss tea?

Note! Reviews contain my personal honest opinion about the product.

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  1. never heard of weightloss tea but sounds interesting and i might have to check if i can find it somewhere!