Monday, February 20, 2012

Liquid Eyeliners: Kallos & Miss Sporty

   Some time ago, I ran out of liquid eyeliner, which used to be quite essential for me in general, but then I was constantly working on my pc, and I didn't go out of the house almost at all, well not during the day anyway.. x)) So I kept postponing it, and when I really wanted to define the lash line and draw that nice little 'tail' in the outer corner, (tip:) I used a bit of mascara with on an eyeliner brush. 
  BUT today, I thought of making up for all the 'lost time' and I got me two liquid eyeliners :D Studio Lash Eye Liner by Miss Sporty in 001 Extra Black ( <3 extra black sounds awesome for me, hehe) and the other one is a Kallos Cosmetics liquid liner in 01 Black. 
   I was already familiar with the Miss Sporty liner, since I had one longer ago, also black, but this one is a new presentation and extra black. Though the one I had longer ago, had a realllly thin brush, which makes it more difficult for me to work with, especially on the outer corner if I want a thicker line. But this one surprised me, it has a more solid and thicker brush/tip, which gives me more control over the thickness and shape of the line. So that is a bonus! 
  The one by Kallos on the other hand is the one with the thin tip now, and I tested it, and I can say I was still able to work smoothly with it. 

   Whenever I buy two products at once or just use 2 products for the same thing simultaniously, I end up comparing them. In this case, I can't say much about either of them, except what I seee right away. I have the feeling these were both a good investment. I'll leave you with a pic of them and a little test, on an eye each. You can see them here, compare the tips. I personally prefer if they are thicker, which in this case is Miss Sporty, but the other one clearly contains a bigger amount of product and the tip is fairly ok so far.
Miss Sporty: 

   As you can see, there is a bit of difference in thickness, afer a raw and not too pretentious test. I usually don't blink before the eyeliner dries, but now I did and I was surprised Kallos didn't leave any mark on the lid, while the other one smudged a bit as you can see. But that is not really relevant, just a small observation.

So all that's left now is to keep using them and see how great the quality is :D

Did you try these? Opinions? :*

Note! Reviews contain my personal honest opinion about the product.

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