Sunday, February 26, 2012

Mega lipstick review :D Sivanna and Manhattan

   A while ago I bought a set of five Sivanna lipsticks from an auction site, and I can say I was pleased with them all in all, so I thought I'd do review of them, with a shitload of lip swatches, since I borrowed my cousin's camera today, which is better than mine, which means some of the pics actually turned out to be decent :P Here they are:
 (*they are positioned in the same order in all he pics*)

   Where should I start? As you could probably notice, they are all double-ended, one end is the lipstick part, the other end is a lipgloss in the corresponding shade. The lipsick part is brilliantly pigmented, really creamy too, but not the kind of creamy that will melt and stain anything at the slightest touch. So it is the perfect combination between being creamy yet solid enough and very pigmented. The lipgloss has a light consistency, which means it doesn't give that disgusting super-heavy glaze of gloss, but it keeps the look more natural and 'fruity'. It is also pigmented, though a bit sheer but that doesn't bother me at all, plus if you apply it over the lipstick, then alltogether it will have plenty of coverage anyway. And by the way, they all have this AWESOME melon taste!!
   I haven't found the name of the colors, but they each had a number, Nr. 22 and 18 have shimmer particles. Here you have them, and the lip swatches (each with only lipstick first, and then with gloss over it). 
Oh and sorry, my lips are kind of cracked because of the damn weather, and some of these shades accentuate that, especially with lipgloss over them. And I couldn't help noticing that the last one, nr. 29 looks A LOT like my long-lasting Max Factor lipstick that I've reviewed HERE .
And a bonus lipstick! :)) This awesome striking red by Manhattan
Again, can't find the name of the shade, the number seems to be 45G. It is VERY pigmented and shiny, so if you tend to use gloss over lipstick, let me tell you that you don't really need any over this one! It is rather lasting, but definitely not 'transfer-proof'. It stains everything it touches even if just slightly, and smears easily... Also melts quite fast, which is a bit of a minus for me, but the way it looks is irreproachable. I've been playing with the thought of doing a Dita von Teese inspired make-up, and of all the red lipsticks I have, I think I will be using this one! Some swatches here:
-natural light-
Did you try any of these?
What I forgot to mention above: ALL of the listicks in this post are hydrating, and I really don't remember their price :-s Sorry! But they weren't very expensive anyway because I usually find good products at a good price instead of paying a fortune simply for a product's name :D 

Cheers and colorful kisses!

Note! Reviews contain my personal honest opinion about the product.

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