Friday, February 17, 2012

Review: Golden Rose eyeshadows

   A few months ago, I bought two eyeshadows by Golden Rose. They are not bad, but what I can say is that for that price, I was kind of expecting something more pigmented & lasting. I think it was around 10 Ron/ 2.29 Eur, but I thought of trying them. Here they are, a bit used as you can see....
   On the bottom of the black one we can read 'Silky Touch Pearl Eyeshadow', and on the brown one, 'Silkly Touch Matte Eyeshadow'. Matte eyeshadows, as we all know, are often pretty chalky and unpigmented, but in this case I can say the same about the black one as well, which is actually closer to being matte than pearly. Which would not be a problem, if they would be....PIGMENTED!
   Here are some swatches with and without primer. (please excuse the bad picture quality)
As you can see, they DO look better with some primer underneath, but (I don't know how much the pic quality will allow you to notice..) they are still a bit uneven.
  • my kind of colors, especially the brown one, I love using matte dark brown for shading
  • the packaging is nice as well, they are well-sealed when closed, simple and black
  • as I said, too chalky, which makes it hard to apply evenly
  • the pigmentation, or more like lack of it, which makes it impossible to work with them if you don't have primer with you :(
  • the price <=> quality
   Would I buy them again? Well, considering the quality, not for this price. It is not that expensive, I just think I can invest that amount into something that will work better for me. It's a shame, I love the brown especially AND it's matte <3 ...

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