Monday, February 20, 2012

Review: H&M Lipgloss

   Been wanting to write about this lipgloss for some time now, bought it in Sweden a while ago, more than a year ago. Though it didn't change smell or consistency at all. Which is a plus, eventhough there were some tiny dislikes I had.
   So. This is a bright pink gloss by H&M. I honestly can't remember the price, but in Sweden everything is more expensive than here, so it wouldn't have much relevance, especially for my romanian readers :D It is bright pink, and there are mainly 2 things I like about it most of all: the fact that it doesn't contain pearly/shimmer particles, which I LOVE since I am not a fan of shimmer on lips when going out. So it looks more latex, hahah! rather than having a pearly finish. And the second thing is the transparence, which makes it more fruity and natural-looking. So you can build up the color and glossyness depending on how much you apply. And despite being a bit transparent, it IS very pigmented. It is the perfect combination.
   Oh, and the SMELL!!! Which is extreeeeemely delicious, vanilla smell (taste :">).

What I can say is the only bad thing about this lip gloss and a pretty prominent one is that it's rather sticky :( maybe not THAT much, but if you apply it in a thick layer you might still notice it...and might want to hold your hair back too, in that case. 

What can I say, it works well for me, since I don't apply thick layers anyway, not being a fan of very pink lips personally. Another thing that is cute is that the color has a bigger amount of red shade than blue, but I'll let you check that out in the crappy quality pictures: 

Did you try this gloss or just any H&M products? What was your impression?

Note! Reviews contain my personal opinion about the product.

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