Thursday, February 23, 2012

Review: Max Factor 2-phase lasting lipstick

   Hey! Today I've decided to talk about a lip product again (considering the fact that I am not THAT much of a lipstick fan, I review a lot of them, huh? :P). This time it's a lasting one by Max Factor, I have thrown the package many months ago, but I think it might be called Lipfinity? It's a 2 in 1 product; the first one is the lipcolor, which comes in a lipgloss form, and the second one is a transparent top coat, that has a retractable lipstick form. This is also the order to apply it.
   Now, the lipcolor applies smoothly, but dries fast which means it also stains fast, so you need to be careful with the contour. 


  • dries fast (which is both good and bad, good if you're in a hurry)
  • indeed it doesn't stain once it's all dry, which happens in a matter of seconds in my experience
  • the top coat gives the lips a LOVELY smoothness and a bit of gloss, not exaggerated, just the right amount!
  • really lasts long, and when you want to remove it, have patience, rub it with lots of moisturizer and then I used an eye make-up remover, went easier that way
  • if you apply a thicker layer it will look gross once dried. Even with a thiner layer it can, I for example am careful when I use it, because in a little while it will crack more or less in the expression wrinkles on the lips. And I am someone who sometimes talks much and I definitely smile a lot..
  • have to be always careful to have your lips peeled and hydrated, but my lips kinda dry from it even if I've been applying moisturizer on it all day, but that is no news in case of a lasting product
  • if you happen to skip the top coat, it will be very uncomfortable and even somewhat sticky
  I have been looking for a similar one by Revlon, which I bumped into long time ago but failed in finding it again, so I bought this one. I can say it is a good one for a lasting product, this color of which I can't find either the name or number, but it's a great combination between nude and mauve, looking pretty natural but still giving a nice tint. I'll leave you with some crappy pics once again, and some swatches.

Note! Reviews contain my personal honest opinion about the product.

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