Friday, February 17, 2012

Review: Two blushes by Rimmel London

   See, I am in a posting frenzy today! But fair enough, since I've got a LOT of absence to make up for...Now I thought of reviewing two blushes I've had for a few weeks, by Rimmel. I can say Rimmel never disappoints me. I think their cosmetics usually give a natural look. Well, I rarely have a natural look, including face contouring/ blush, especially in evening make-up looks, so after applying foundation, I apply cream blush (at the moment I have a homemade one that I LOVE, more about that later) and then powder blushes on top of that, this way it will obviously have much more intensity, and then a thin layer of the powder you apply on the rest of the face as well, so that the shades blend a bit. I will try to explain this with pictures. So anyway, sorry for babbling so much but I've missed this blog! :P

  Here are these two beauties ( <= 131 Madeira and 101 Pink Sugar=> ):
   I can't say I have pro's and con's in this case, it's a question of the occasion you use them for and how you use them. As I said, if I want something very natural (which is rare), I will apply them only on foundation and they will not have that much intensity, but will give a subtle color with very discrete satin shimmer. That is a plus for me, since I don't like very shimmery stuff on my cheeks, and since I want to make my face look more slim, too much shimmer will just puff it more from certain angles, bleah. As said above, I personally apply them over a base of cream blush <3 and I mostly use them both: the darker one right in the lip-ear line, and the lighter one above it, on the cheekbone. I hope you understood something from all this :P Aaaaaand some poorly photographed swatches:
   Sucky quality pictures, but eh! 

Would I buy them again? Yes definitely, and I will probably buy more shades. The price was around 23-24 Ron/ around 5 Eur.

Note! Reviews contain my personal, honest opinion about the product.


  1. they look great !
    lovely post and blog!


    1. Thank you darling, you have a lovely blog as well! :*

  2. Primul arata suppeeeerrr bine , e perfect ! Si eu mi-am facut unul cu mai multi pigmenti exact culoarea asta :)

    1. Daaa sunt faine! :D Cum ti l-ai facut? Eu mi-am facut un blush-crema de care-s f multumita insa in cutiuta arata cam dizgratios :))