Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Review: MINERAL HYGIENICS Mineral Enhancer

Good evening, darlings! I'm glad to see some of you enjoyed the look I've posted earlier today! I was usually not a fan of yellow/ golden and purple combination, but it really fit the season and weather today!

I wanted to do this review yesterday evening, but I had pilates, then I got home really tired and could not get myself to gather my thoughts for the post. Though I was anxious because I love this product and it deserves all the attention! Mineral Hygienics made me fall in love with mineral make-up and made it a MUST HAVE in my rutine! 
Must confess, this Mineral Enhancer in Warm Kiss is more suitable for summertime for me, since now I am quite pale, and the pigmentation is strong and you only need a minimal amount for very visible results. 
It contains shimmer particles which look really pleasant, so even on pale skin, a moderately small amount gives my face some extra life, mainly for a party look! Actually, I have a party look prepared where I used this bronzer/ blush, so stay tuned! ;)

Official description:

'Warm Kiss Mineral Bronzer
'Everyone's favorite! Soft, sheer, subtle sunkissed glow. Create the illusion of radiant, sun-kissed skin! Use as a healthy looking complexion booster, blush, cheek contour, eye shadow or lip color. Our Sheer Mineral Enhancers are light, natural and are perfect for color adjustments to your foundation.'

Swtaches (no primer, directly on skin; first one layer, then 2):

*natural light:

*flash (so you can see the amount of shimmer it has):

  • mineral benefits
  • strong pigmentation, you don't need much product for the desired effect
  • a good amount of product for your money
  • healthy-looking, yet subtle shimmer
  • Mineral Hygienics services, definitely!!! They were very generous, polite and elaborate in their responses, impecable and cute packaging!
  • adheres to the skin right VERY well so you need to apply it little by little
  • incredible staying power I met in all Mineral Hygienics products!
  • cute and ellegant container. Also, doesn't let pigments slip out like so many loose pigments do.

  • nothing really, just the same 'problems' I face with any product in shape of loose pigments: it can be tricky to carry around and re-touch, needs to be handled carefully since some pigments can fly around very easily when opening for example, BUT it is TOTALLY WORTH IT!

Would I re-purchase it? YES!!! I am glad though I still have a lot of all of my Mineral Hygienics products received in July, eventhough I use them almost daily. I will review the rest of these products (foundations, powder, brushes) very soon!

Oh, by the way, here's a sneak preview of the look I was talking about! I used this bronzer here:

*Note! Reviews contain my personal honest opinion about the product. 



  1. Foarte fain e, mi-a atras atentia intr-o postare anterioara si chiar ma gandeam daca i-ai facut un review.

    1. Da, si urmeaza si la restul, ma indragostesc din ce in ce mai mult de produsele minerale! :D

    2. Imi place sa aplic un strat de fdt mineral peste fdt lichid, arata chiar bine de tot si parca fruntea mea nu mai devine un patinoar dupa cateva ore.