Sunday, October 14, 2012

HAUL: Laura Mercier & Co. with swatches

   Hello there, I hope you are all doing great today, despite the gloomy, cold weather! I am doing pretty ok, just can't seem to wake up too easily...Oh well! Today I would like to show you some goodies I got as a gift. About two weeks ago, some relatives from the USA visited, and they got me some awesome products. I'll just show you and maybe say a few words about them, but I'll properly review and use them in looks in the future, probably. 

- 3 Laura Mercier lip plumpers
- a Laura Mercier lipgloss
- Laura Mercier Shimmer Bloc
- an Artistry lipstick
- 2 Never Accept Ordinary pigments

LM Lip Plumpers:

LM lipgloss (this one is DELICIOUS, tastes like coffee!):

LM Shimmer Bloc:

Artistry lipstick:

Never Accept Ordinary pigments:

I didn't blend anything too much, didn't use primer either, just wanted you to get an idea about the color and consistency. 

I'll get back with more details about these and will show you when I use them, but until then, please tell me your opinion! Have you ever tried these? Which would you be most tempted to try?

Note! Reviews contain my personal honest opinion about the product.


  1. Foarte frumoase toate!
    Sa le folosesti cu placere!

  2. Ce rude de treaba ai :) Tanjesc si eu dupa multe de la Laura Mercier, in special dupa concealer, insa de aici sunt mai greu accesibile. :)
    Sa le folosesti cu placere sunt beton toate!

  3. Daaa si eu tot vroiam de mult, dar era sa-mi pice ochii din cap cand am vazut ce preturi au pe aici :| nu as ad 100+ Ron pe un gloss ever :)) cand am variante mai ieftine si chiar mai bune pretty often. Multumesc mult! ;)

  4. When I read that the lipgloss tastes like lip gloss, my mind was like 'I SO GOTTA TRY IT!!' =D I love awesome scented lip gloss!! =D

    ♡ M.May

    1. Awww hahaha :)) I wrote 'it tastes like coffee' hahah :D though I had to re-read it now to be sure! xD Oh yes, this is SOOOOO delicious, I sure recommend it! Too bad they are pretty pricey :-s

      ~Mwuah!* L

  5. Lots of great information here - even something I had not thought of before! So much nice to choose from! Now back to my catalogues and look once more for what I want...