Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Review: GOSH Smokey Eyes Palette

   Happy holidays, everyone! 
Frankly, I am not such a big fan of holidays and stuff, so I didn't make a huge fuss out of it, but I did enjoy the parties, family, boyfriend and friends so far!
Now I will finally review the palette GOSH were nice enough to send me, along with other amazing products. Eventhough they chose the products and colors for me, they nailed it pretty well, this is 03 Plum! Along with blacks and greys, I use natural shades mostly, especially at the moment. More like, I combine black with natural shades.
Now, the name of the palette is 'smokey eyes'. To be honest, the shades don't really satisfy my expectation of smokey eyes, since I mostly use much darker tones to be more or less 'smokey'. But this palette is enough for those who seek for a less bold and more subtle smokey eyes look. Though I love the darkest shade, and combined with black eyeliner and/ or black eyeshadow in the outer corners/ crease, it works very well! I use the rest of them as highlighters, which they are amazing for.


- natural-looking, no excess of shimmer
- beautiful colors; the lightest ones work as awesome highlighters for me, and the darkest one works for a smokey look, especially 'tuned up' with some black (this is subjective though, since when we talk 'smokey' I prefer something very intense)
- easy to blend, didn't experience much fallout either.
- lasts pretty well, didn't crease (and I wore it just with concealer, no primer).


- the colors are a bit sheer, which is not necessarily bad, but I need more layers for good coverage
- the two darker colors are a little bit dusty, as you can see below and in the swatches
- as I said, the resistence is pretty good, though I need to find a new primer since I am out of primer, and then I can judge more fairly if the lasting will get from ok to amazing. :D

All in all, I really like it and would try their grey-black version of this palette too. I am thankful to GOSH for allowing me to review this product! Soon I'll review the last two of the GOSH package, the mascaras, which are my favourites from what they have sent me! 

Did you try this palette or any GOSH palette? 
p.s. As I said, I need to get a new primer, and I've got my eyes set on the one by Avon, does anyone have an opinion about that one yet? Please tell me! x

*Note! Reviews contain my personal honest opinion about the product.

   Now I'll leave you with a song that I love, from a band that I love, and the title of the song is the same as a movie that I love (even if I am not really into vampire stories, but the old Lost Boys is great).

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