Sunday, January 6, 2013

Review: ANIAN Liquid Keratine

   Hails! I received this product around midsummer from Triodeluxe , to review. As I said before, I need a lot of time to form an opinion about a hair product, because as damaged as my hair is, it needs lots of time to react to a product and especially to show some difference. 

   ANIAN Liquid Keratine is a product that contains ingredients that are identical to the ones in the hairs, being the more effective the more worn out your hair is. It promises to repair damaged hair and prevent dandruff. 
It is applied on towel-dried hair, massaged delicately, combed and blowdried, since the active ingredients in the product need heat to be effective

- nice effect, leaves the hair shiny and feeling strong
- pleasant smell
- the quantity; 250 ml is a lot, it will be enough for a while, I mostly spray 4 times everytime I use it, parting my hair in two, so: 2 on the length, and 2 on the ends. It isn't good to exaggerate with it! You can see in the picture how little is used up in about half a year, and I used it with almost every wash.
- I didn't experience dandruff anymore, not even from the tons of hairspray.

- I guess the effects regarding more volume and less hairloss is a bit less than I expected; my hair is awful and looks horrible already the next day after a wash, regardless if I use the Keratine or not. Guess I just need to find a miracle product that can help change that, or maybe this product will improve my hair even more with some more time.

The other ANIAN product was this Intensive Two-phase Hydrorepair leave-in conditioner spray, that I already reviewed HERE!

I truly consoder this one a miracle product, for my dry, damaged, frizzy ends, as you can read in the review :)

Have you tried these products or others from Triodeluxe? Please feel free to share your opinion, commenting below! x

*Note! Reviews contain my personal honest opinion about the product.

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