Tuesday, July 31, 2012

HAUL: Mineral Hygienics goodies!

   On this hot hot day, I went to get my package from the post office in Târgu-Mureş (city close to my town).  It was something I've been anxious to receive, since I've heard countless good things about these products. I want to give a huge thanks to Mineral Hygienics for giving me the opportunity to try some of their so massively praised products! I have a pretty problematic face, so I am curious if they will help me as much as they seem to have helped other people.
   I LOVED the professionality and playfullness of their packaging! I received a nice pinkish-red Mineral Hygienics box with white floral design on it. I was curious, so I opened it in the car, which was a bit of work since it was pretty well-sealed (which is good!). First I saw a whole bunch of black-pink zig-zag paper stripes, so I dug deeper. I found this Blue Raspberry candy, which was literally a sweet little bonus: on the inside it had this sour liquid that gets fizzy and stingy...like the candies called Shock that were popular longer ago :P yum-yum!
   Next, I found the real deal! A sheer pink tulle-like bag with 5 containers of pretty generous size and a brush! The company payed attention to everything, after they let me choose my products/ shades, they were willing to send me the XL Kabuki brush with them, but I already have that one, so I asked if I could get another brush instead....said and done!
   On the bottom, I found the invoice with some flyers and brochures.

Here you can see the products open (but well-sealed!) in natural light:

Here's what I got, as it stands on the invoice too:

- foundations: Sheer Foundation 20 gram: Light, Medium, Light Tan
- bronzer: Warm Kiss
- finishing powder: Matte
- brush: Flawless Face
- Product Directions Catalog, Face Flyer

I will be back with a bunch of reviews soon enough! Meanwhile, I have some good news for all of you:

- ATTENTION, my lovely READERS!!! -
You all have a 10% Off Mineral Hygienics Coupon Code, valid for 3 months!

COUPON CODE:  colorspiritattitude

Hope you enjoy the discount and quality of these products as much as I will! ;)


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