Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Haul + Eyes of the day :)

   Hey sweets! Yesterday, after I got my package from Mineral Hygienics , me and mom went to the local DM (Drogerie Markt), store that I adore. They have a lot of goodies, large variety and prices more than accessible. I bought a bunch of products there, some that I ran out of/ needed, some that I just couldn't resist (even if I'm low on money...damn!). Here they are, I will review them soon, and I am sure most of you will recognize some of them at least! :D

What I got: 

What mom got:

   Mom got a bunch of mini-size products since she is preparing for a trip, I must admit her alverde shampoo with olive oil and henna smells awesome, I will need to test it soon! :D

Aaand a small EOTD, not very detailed, just some blended colors (no lashes added, no eyeliner, I was lazy...oh and my real lashes are short because I have a sort of 'reflex' since I was a kid, I keep playing with them and breaking them :\ ).

First phase:

Hot pink shade added:

I didn't use any new products different from the previous looks, just the 180 palette, shimmery light lilac from the Ruby Rose palette ad Miss Sporty eyebrow pencil.


  1. Eep! I love the eye! Is there a possibility of a tut for it?

    Also, I love that you still have natural brow-- too many people shave them and do pencil lines instead.

  2. Thank youuuuu! :) I thought of making some 'step by step' tutorials, with pictures (since I am not tempted to make vids :-s), though it was super easy, all I used were the 3 colors you can see, the light purple on the lid, dark purple in the crease and well-blended, then some hot pink on the outer corner of the lid, and ta-daa! :D But I will try making some tuts for future looks! I had my brows completely shaved for quite a lot of time too, and when I tried to let them grow I couldn't get them to have the shape at least close to how I wanted them, so I just kept shaving them. Then I let their first part grow to be more natural and make it easier for me to draw, and then I gave them another chance and voila, I actually like them now! :D