Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Look of the day: Spontaneous Pin-up

   Was playing with make-up, as usually. And once again, I was inspired by the beauty and ellegance of Dita von Teese. I once had a  NOTD inspired by her manicure and I will do a better mani inspiration, as well as a much better and more detailed Dita make-up, with lenses and all (maybe). For now, I did this from memory and exaggerate the contrasts a bit more. 

Eyeliner got a bit screwed up, but well!

...actually, I've used a lot of (more or less) noname products this time. I have a lot of noname stuff I like a lot anyway, and some that I use only for pictures. Same goes for expensive products that don't work great for me, I still take use of them for playing with them at home. That's useful because they don't go to waste completely even if I can't wear them while being outside for hours, either because they don't last, are not my for my skin type or so, or I simply don't feel good being out in public with those colors. 

 So finally, these are the products:

Rimmel London Stay Matte pressed powder 
Rimmel London Stay Matte foundation
The Color Workshop pink blush
Rimmel London eyebrow pencil
- some Fraulein38 brushes (not in the picture, but I am Captain Obvious ;D )
Rimmel London Volume Flash mascara
- Golden Rose matte brown eyeshadow (crease)
- The Color Workshop palette with 6 colors (light peach on the lid mixed with shimmery white, warm brown color in the crease)
Kallos  liquid eyeliner
some noname red lipstick
Ruby Rose palette (some of the lightest colors in the first row for the lid & highlights)

Oh, about the Kallos eyeliner (presented it to you in a haul last winter)...I don't think I'll buy it again anytime soon :( it gets messy and dries slowly :

Note! Reviews contain my personal honest opinion about the product.

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