Monday, July 16, 2012

Review: Kallos Placenta Hair Mask & Heat Protection Spray

   Hey and good morning to you beauties! The weather is slightly more chill now, not that insane heat like in the past days....even if I like it, I like being able to breathe a bit as well :D
   I think you have noticed my focus on hair products lately, I guess it's also because I have to wash my hair more often and give it more attention in this hot weather, and because it's already damaged but I don't want to cut it anymore!

   In this post, I want to talk about 2 products by Kallos and I will start with the one I fell in love with a long time ago, and I haven't changed my opinion ever since. I just love it more and more.

Placenta Hair Mask - I've first tried it about...maybe 7 years ago? What can I say, I was completely in love since the first time I tried it. I know I used it after washing my hair and before straighening it. I was amazed by the results, my hair got straight, shiny and didn't get 'electric' at all. I've damaged my hair a lot since then, and a few months ago I've decided to re-purchase this hair mask. What can I say, the result was just as satisfying as it was years ago, even if my hair is in a MUCH worse condition now; it was straighetened almost daily for many years, dyed, bleached, and everything you can imagine. It's great to see that this product can put up with all that! I usually apply it after rinsing the shampoo, and leave it on for about 10 minutes. I tend to lose at least a bit of hair, if not a lot whenever I wash it, especially after conditioning idea why :/ But when I am washing this treatment off, I never lose any hair AT ALL. It fortifies it, gives it shine and texture. It lasts for a long time, SMALL price (abot 5-7 Ron?), smells like plants, great results...Dislikes? NONE! :D



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Heat Protection/ Flat Iron Spray - I must confess I haven't used this very much yet, but when I did, I haven't noticed much difference. Maybe the ends were A BIT less frizzy, but not much else. That doesnt have to exclude the fact that it protects on the inside, so I am not too sure what to think. Dislikes? Maybe the smell, a bit. Call me crazy but seems to me it smells a bit like medicine or so. And the fact that I think it seems a bit dry somehow. But these were only my first impressions, I will be back with more after I've used it for some time.

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