Sunday, July 1, 2012

Look of the day: Burn

    A friend was asking me for a make-up that can be inspired by this crazy heat and summer spirit. Then I asked her, what type of summer make-up? Bronze shades, yellow, or...? She said 'something that burns!'., having nothing else to do, I did a quick make-up that I think kinda'...burns. I want to do something more advanced, also ran out of eyelash adhesive (which is not a big deal, since I don't really wear falsies on a daily basis anyway), and the sun started going down anyway, and I prefer taking pictures in natural light. This was inbetween now, so the pictures got a bit blury, will get the idea. Ok, I'll leave you with some blury pictures now, and yes my pores are HORRIBLE when it's so hot outside, no matter what I treat them with, and I wasn't in the mood for thick foundation & powder.

I'll do more of these, take better pictures (hopefully), maybe a step by step one if I have enough time and...patience :D Oh, and here are some products I used, I marked them with little bright dots:

- Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder 
- Rimmel Stay Matte foundation
- Rimmel lip liner pencil
- Mineral Hygienics Kabuki brush
- some Fraulein38 brushes
- Rimmel concealer
- Miss Sporty Studio Lash eyeliner
- 180 palette
- Ruby Rose palette


  1. great, great makeup. I love it :)

  2. Superb machiaj,ai un blog tare dragut cu informatii utile.Ti-am dat follow:)


    1. Mersi mult!! :D Si eu te am in lista, imi place mult ce faci pe blog, keep up the good work! :*


  3. Foarte frumos maciajul!Imi place stilul tau! ;)