Monday, July 2, 2012

June Empties

   Since I keep seeing these kind of posts all over beauty blogs, I have decided to start showing you the finished products monthly. Here are some that I've finished during June:

L'Oréal Elséve Volum Colagen shampoo & conditioner - I only have a bit of conditioner left, I've had them since winter and just finished them :'( truth is, I don't use them constantly, since I alter hair products often, I use it in parallel with some medicinal ones. But these give my hair a definite boost, which it really needs. It's pretty damaged, but on the way of recovery finally. Gives it volume, shine, flexibility... Perfect.

Balea Face ...ok, I wish I knew how to translate this correctly...face water? This is a step I complete my make-up remover with, using it after the make-up remover itself. I love what it does, removes all sorts of impurities that might still linger on the skin. I also use it a few times a day individually, especially now, during summer, because, besides the refreshing feeling, it cleans the face of dust, sweat, etc. which gather up quickly in this time of the year.

Himalaya Herbals Nourishing Skin Cream - just like some other products I have and like, I used this on different dry areas and it worked wonders for me. Particularly about two months ago, when I literally fried in the sun and my skin started peeling off very harshly, this baby, along with a honey based cream, fixed it!

Vichy Aminactif Combleur - after being disappointed by some Vichy products, and loving some at the same time, I've decided it's a fair enough balance, so I tried this product after somebody recommended it. I can say it really improved the quality, and even the quantity of my hair, reducing my hairloss problems a lot. I might buy it again after a break and continue the treatment. Meanwhile, I'd be curious to try Anian Liquid Keratin!

Avon Senses Tropics body scrub - If you've been following my blog, you've seen in a previous post how much I love this! I usually have a back-up tube of this and now...this was the back-up tube :(( need to get another one as soon as possible, and maybe try other scents as well...recommendations? :D

Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder...I talk about this prouct all the time :D As you can see, I dropped it recently, but I am almost out of it. Needless to say, I have a back-up of this too.

Seventeen eyeliner pencil in Black - since black eyeliner is the most important item in my entire make-up kit, I have a bunch of them. This is my favourite at the moment, intense, easy to work with and it can be easily sharpened, even if I dropped it countless times an carried it around, it didn't get damaged. Need another of these.

What were your favourites last month?

Note! Reviews contain my personal honest opinion about the product.


  1. mama, ce multe termini intr-o luna :)) te pup

    1. pai unele le-am inceput mai repede, doar s-au terminat fix luna trecuta :)) pupici :*

  2. thanks! :D Just got on your blog and followed, love your style by the way!

  3. incearca exfoliantul Lagoon. Mai am foarte putin pe fundul il pastrez pentru ocazii speciale :))) Atat de mult imi place ;))

    1. Oooo :> si eu il iubesc pe asta, data viitoare cred ca-mi iau si Tropics si Lagoon, vreau sa mai incerc si altele dar parca-parca nici la Tropics nu as renunta :"> mersi de sugestie :*