Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Review: Stay Matte Powder by RIMMEL

   Today I have decided to review a product I have been most faithful to in the past years. As I usually have difficulty finding the perfect face products, I stick to them for a long time once they've conquered me. Stay Matte Pressed Powder by RIMMEL London is one of these few products. I have discovered it quite a few years ago, when I was aiming for a combination between matching, fair color for my skin (as in case of most lines, even the lightest shade is dark and/ or too orange) and something that will really keep the skin matte, oily areas being one of my biggest problems. Then the lady from the drugstore recommended me this one. And damn I am glad she did! I chose the lightest one, 001 and been using that ever since. 

   I recently bought 2 or 3 darker shades of the same powder, to be able to adapt them to different occasions, looks, and for contouring of course. I also have a tip for playing around with different shades, when it comes to powder: I tend to use a good amount of blush, especially when I go out in the evenings, and having a pretty rounded face, I don't like it to be too shimmery, otherwise the effect is the opposite of what I want (blush on round faces usually has the goal of giving the impression of a slimmer face). So after putting on cream blush as a base + blush, I blend in a thin layer of darker powder on that area, so that it will mattify it a bit, keeping the colorful shadowy look.

   But I will share a separate post about my face routine, this one is focused on this particular powder, so finally, here is the breakdown:

  • good coverage, even the transparent shade does a good job
  • blends out well, doesn't look like you've put flour on your face
  • nice natural looking colors, even fair ones which are usually hard to find
  • keeps the face matte for a long time
  • I find that the lid can slip off too easily, so it is risky to just throw it in your bag and let it wonder
  • eventhough it keeps the face matte for quite long, it can start getting shiny again in a few hours (for example in school I used to apply it in the morning, at home, and at about 12-1 p.m. I had oily skin again), but I guess reapplying it a few times solves the problem!
Note! Reviews contain my personal opinion about the product.

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