Monday, November 28, 2011

Review: Fraulein38 - 66 Lip Palette

   I finally bought this lip palette about 2 months ago, and have just decided to do a review on it. 66 Colours Kisses In The Wonderland Lip Gloss Palette by Fraulein38 is nothing many of you haven't heard of, I guess. I like the range of colors, a large number of them, in lots of different shades. So no matter what kind of make-up you do, you will surely find a matching lip color on this palette, and even better, you can bring out endless combinations. It contains 66 little pots with lipstick/ lipgloss, as the name itself says.
   I have not tried each one yet, but so far I can say that they are highly pigmented, they stay put for a long time. My personal favourite color is the one I have marked with an X in the picture. It is a dark, slightly purple-ish cherry color. I use it in a thin layer usually, just as a lip tint, not applied in a thick layer since it is well-pigmented and I like that slight drop of dark color on the lips, especially when I go to parties & co. In this palette, you can find great variety and lipcolor, regardless of the event or your personal style.

Official description: " 66 colours kisses in the wonderland lip gloss palette

100% Brand new! 

Glossy color with ingredients together to care your lip! 

Can last for all day long 

Perfect for casual makeup, wedding makeup, party makeup, etc 

This lip gloss palette designed for professional cosmetician and the amateur"

   This is basically true, the only thing I have to add is that it's not THAT glossy, but that might also be because I don't really apply thick layers. Here is a little swatch of some of the colors, added additionally, so you can see how well-pigmented they really are.

  • the color stays on for a long time
  • high pigmentation
  • wide variety in one single palette
  • handy package, can fit in bags easily
  • due to the fact that it's a palette, it is troublesome to refresh the color during a night out or traveling, so you need a lipstick/ gloss in addition, that is easier to handle 
  • the pots being very small, but the considerable number of colors makes up for that :)
Note! Reviews contain my personal opinion about the product.

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  1. Thanks for the review, I look foward to purchasing this for kit :)