Thursday, January 26, 2012

Vichy Lip Balm review

   So, I thought of reviewing one of my lipbalms I had the highest hopes for when I got it, since lipcare is essential during every season, especially now in wintertime, when they are much more exposed to the abuse of cold weather. Maybe about 2 months ago, mom bought me this lipbalm by Vichy, a company I always found as being pretty reliable (still testing their hair treatment). I can pretty much say this lipbalm is not the best, especially if you are outside a lot. It has a soft consistency, pleasant to apply, though it is not at all thick and it doesn't feel too moisturizing. In fact, it feels very light, feels like it just evaporates too quickly and doesn't seem to leave a lasting effect behind. Does not stop my lips from drying out and peeling all the time. It does not have any color, which I kinda' like in a lipbalm, so there is not much use to swatch it. 

  • nice, pleasant, discrete smell (though it smells more perfume-like, so not a genuine fruity/'delicious' lipbalm smell)
  • light consistency, pleasant to apply
  • doesn't leave disgusting white lines on the sides of the lips
  • doesn't feel too moisturizing, neither does it seem to leave any of that effect behind after it goes off
  • in my case at least, it makes the lips feel dry actually...well all in all, it does not improve their condition,, maybe only for the moment, when you apply it.
   Would I buy it again? I don't think so, though I don't know the price since I didn't buy it myself, but it should be pretty pricy since it's Vichy. Tried to apply a thick layer before going to sleep, it's a good trick to moisturize lips deeply over night, but that didn't show much result either. I have something much cheaper, by Nivea though, even if I had bad experiences with A LOT of their lip balms, this one seems to work much better. I will review that one too, soon!

Note! Reviews contain my personal opinion about the product.

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