Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Anti-cellulite experiment

   Eventhough I've never believed in anti-cellulitic 'magic potion' lotions, I have decided to try some anti-cellulite treatments, since I've bumped into them anyway. So as most women confront this problem at some point, regardless of their weight (yes, skinny girls can have cellulite too),  I have started experimenting with 2 anti-cellulite creams, along with the usual alternate showers (switching water temperature from hot to cold a few times, at the end of a shower) and body scrubs.
   The first one and the one I am currently using is Cellulight by Elmiplant. It seems to be the harshest one of the two. It has a strong smell, very 'spicy', you feel the skin getting warm from it. The only thing that bothers me a bit is that is stings my wrists where the skin is sensitive (since, during the massage, some of it can get on the wrists, obviously) and turns the skin red. Another inconvenient is that the consistency is very thick, makes it harder to work with.

   The second one is simply called anti-cellulite cream (Cremă Anticelulitică) by Gerovital Plant. The smell is more bearable and pleasant, the consistency is also much more creamy and fluid, much easier to work with, but I have just tried it once or twice so far, to compare their texture, smell and other shallow features. 

The real deal is to see which one will be more effective? If any. So far, about the first one I can just say that it seems to make the skin slightly more firm and smooth. I will be back with the results on this!

**What experiences did you have with anti-cellulite products so far, or just other simiar 'bodyshape enhancement' products? Feel free to comment!

Note! Reviews contain my personal opinion about the product.