Monday, January 16, 2012

Hair treatments

   Do you have thinning hair/ hairloss/ breakage problems? I've damaged my hair a lot, bleached it, colored it for years, now I am trying to bring it back to life. I bought something to try, Vichy Aminactif Combleur, shampoo and serum, so far it seems ok, I will give it more time to see if it will have any impressive results. What do you use for similar hair problems? Any advice would be appreciated! 
By the way I also use homemade treatments, these mainly include lots of castor oil - good stuff!


  1. Putting too much chemicals on hair is definitely not good, as much as possible avoid it. In terms of shampoo, better chose the one with good brand.

    1. Thank you! I am doing my best to avoid straighteners and stuff and regularly use castor oil on it to help it grow and get stronger...I am using Vichy now, hope it will help..