Thursday, January 26, 2012

Farmasi Nail Polish

   Yes yes, I am aware that my blog looks rather horrible because of the color combination! (though except for the purple I kinda like it a the weird way :-?? ) Thing is, I tried to create another layout, I failed, and it did this all by itself. Will work on it later. Anyaway!

   I haven't talked about nailpolish yet I think, so I will talk about a favourite now. It's by Farmasi and it's number 031, a really dark plum. I am a sucker for dark colors, especially when it comes to eyeshadow and nails. I have a lot of Farmasi polishes, especially because there is a pretty large variety of colours, great price and the quality didn't disappoint me either. This is the 7th day I have this on, I applied 2 layers, NO top coat because I was in a hurry. I took a really bad picture today, with bad light, so you can see that it only went off a bit at the tip of the nails, the rest is still put.
  So yes, I apologize for the quality but I don't have something better at the moment. I will do a post with my nailpolish collection soon. What is your opinion about Farmasi polishes?

Note! Reviews contain my personal opinion about the product.

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