Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Review: Some Stargazer Products

   This time, I will write about some products I've tried longer ago. I'll take a time machine, travel a few years back and tell you the impression they left me. I am talking about two Stargazer products.
   The first one is an eyeshadow, I had it in the bright neon orange shade below. What I can tell you that I am not fond of either of the two products, to be honest. This eyeshadow was extremely chalky, would not give a proper color, needed to apply many layers even on primer. I still used it for a more edgy highlight in the inner eye corner, as I try to take use of any kind of make-up, regardless of quality. Once I dropped it and it broke to tiny pieces, luckily the lid was on and it stayed in the little box, so I used it as an eyedust. It was good in a way, since that made it more easier to obtain the wanted color.
   Next up is their black lipstick, the former version of it. I could hardly work with it. It was very oily and hard, had much trouble applying it and it was sticky. I got it from someone though and that person might have had it for a while before that, 1 to 2 years at most, but I have lipsticks older than that, that still work perfectly. I know it is not good to keep products for too long, but I personally am strict about that only with allover skin products like foundations, concealers, powders, and other products that might become  troublesome to handle.

   Nonetheless, I would give their products another try, also the ones that are released more recently. If I can get my hands on any Stargazer products, I will let you know if my opinion improves!

Note! Reviews contain my personal opinion about the product.

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