Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Alverde madness!

   Yes yes, I know, I've been gone again...touche! Sorry though.
I've been preparing a pretty consistent post about several Alverde products, but due to lack of time, I kept postponing it :( I do love a lot of things about their products, as far as I know they are vegan too. They're pretty much inexpensive and for that, I'd say the quality is fairly awesome!
I'll start with a body butter I first bought last year and fell in love with. I bought the mini 50ml version for about 8 Ron, promised myself I'd go for the full one if there is such, but during my most recent dm frenzy I remembered my love for it and got the small one again. Doesn't matter, I love it. It's a Macadamia Nut Shea Butter body butter. The smell is extremely delicious, even if I know what it is, it reminds me of vanilla pudding with raisins, or something. Though it is not too sweet, not too heavy, just perfect. The consistence is quite solid,  but creamy and melts quite fast, being easy to work into the skin. I LOVE how soft and firm it leaves the skin, the scent it leaves behind and the fact that it gets absorbed quickly and won't leave you feel greasy. Definitely one of my favourite products ever!
The next product is a Pine Foot Butter, this one is 200ml. Huge! I wonder if I will ever finish it! :)) This one is thicker than the body butter, more greasy but not in the sticky and unpleasant way. Rich consistence, also easy to work it into the skin. Helps hydrate dry skin, so I don't only use it on feet, but also other occasionally dry areas like elbows and knees, and I'd even use it on the entire body in the absence of my actual body lotions/oils/butters. Nourishes the skin, comforting and relaxing it, and as well as the previous product, it has an AMAZING smell! I'd say it's a slight smell of pine mixed with citrus smells of all sorts. Can't determine it exactly, but it is awesome. As you can see in the picture, once I dropped it and the lid broke :( I can only blame myself for that, for being clumbsy. So I keep it wrapped in a plastic bag. One night I forgot to wrap it and the surface of it felt a bit dry afterwards, but that was all, no major damage. Again, 10 points!
Next up is an eye contour cream, been using it for a long time now, had several tubes. One tube is 15 ml, but lasts for quite long! It is said it needs to be applied in the morning and evening, though I have it near me and apply it more often sometimes. It absorbs very fast, leaves the skin matte, not at all greasy. I apply it all around my eyes and even on my lashes, makes them soft and seems to be taking care of them at the same time. The smell is subtle, of camomile, the package is cute and you can dose it easily, since the tip of the tube allows you to only get a small quantity at once. Needless to say, love this one as well.
Last but not least, after all the yummy care products, let's add a splash of color to this post! After all, when you took care of the canvas, you can start decorating it! Despite the fact that, for some reason, I was never tooooo fond of buying cosmetics from a brand that also makes bodycare products (though I do anyway sometimes) because I guess I think they make better products if they focus on one thing or I dunno...the Alverde make-up products have been winking at me for a while. I've decided to give it a go since I've been so smitten with their other stuff. Especially when I saw this eyeshadow. Been looking for a matte dark brown since that is something I use for a few different purposes in make-up, so I always need to have at least one, and I ran out of my last one that I had in a Golden Rose quad. I use it for shading, helping the eyes gain a certain shape, and also face contouring. But that of course in a discrete way, since eventhough it is a buildable color, it is very pigmented and you really have to know how to create the game of shadows without making it look ridiculous. Also, not having very defined cheekbones, it helps with that as well. So this eyeshadow plays several roles in my make-up rutine, especially for party make-up. But this was just a small trick I use. Quality is pretty awesome and made me want to try more of their make-up line. Here are some pics and swatches, without and with primer.

What were your experiences with Alverde?

Note! Reviews contain my personal honest opinion about the product.

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