Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Skincare routine - some changes

   I promised I'll be back, so I'm trying to keep to that. For a while now, I've been using the Gerovital range for face care (cleansing milk, eye make-up remover, toner and nourishing cream). Since I ran out of cleanser and toner, being on a trip, I went to dm an bought replacement. They are by Cosmetic Plant, I think they were 12 Ron together - they were on sale :D I've mentioned before that my skin is WEIRD...tends to get oily, which I always hated,  but at the same time it also dries out and starts peeling. It is difficult to find the balance. So I bought these for normal skin, with hip-rose extract. 
  I haven't used them for long enough yet to be able to give the most accurate verdict, but I like them so far. The cleansing milk is much less fluid than most others I've used so far, being much more rich and creamy. It hydrates the skin pretty well in the process, which is of course a plus. The smell is delicate and pleasant. The toner I also like, the smell is what caught my attention at first; I haven't noticed any trace of added perfume, which kind of proves the fact that it's natural. I can somehow in a strange way compare the smell to the one of raw potato, eventhough I know it's actually hip-rose ;-P
As you can see, the packaging is attractive, the colors are well-chosen and they kind of 'match the flavour'. AND you get a large amount of product - they are 200 ml each, which should be enough for a long time, for me personally! So far, I am more than satisfied. They do their job, didn't break me out (not yet at least), got a lot of product for little money and last but not least, nice aspect.

And the routine is completed by what I have left from Gerovital (I don't necessarily use everything by the same company in my rutine, I use what works best for me and completes eachother). And these products are:
Nourishing face cream and make-up remover for eyes and lips (I don't use them in this order of course!). The make-up remover is gentle and wipes everything away in seconds, and I must specify I usually wear dark make-up...a lot of it. The cream is great, I am very picky with creams I use every day, since the every day use of some might make my skin too oily, or break out, or even dry it too much. So I use the ones with a drastic effect rarely, in extreme cases when I need to balance a problem (but about those, in another post). This one 'feeds' the skin, makes it feel clean with an addition of fresh fragrance as well, but doesn't overload it and lets it breathe.

Have you tried any of these? What did you think? Feel free to comment!

Soon about extras and occasional habits in the routine :)

Note! Reviews contain my personal honest opinion about the product. 


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  1. id like to try that eye & lip makeup remover, with mine there still is some eyeliner leftovers :-/

    i didnt know any of your products and sadly guess theyre not available around here *sob*