Monday, February 17, 2020

CLARINS Everlasting Foundation+

   It's been a while since I reviewed anything! I must say, I kinda' missed it. For today, I chose the foundation that I am currently using most of the time: Clarins Everlasting Foundation +
   As some of you might have noticed, when it comes to personal use, I don't mind using the extremely affordable brands that, despite the low price, do not lack in quality or quantity. I love experimenting and playing with make-up of all price ranges! I sometimes grab pigments, glitters and highlighters from random little corner shops or even aliexpress! I would never use them on my customers, but my own room is full of nick-nacks.
    However, when it comes to something that stays on the whole face for hours, like skincare products, primers and foundation, they have to be good in all ways. This is why I have purchased this product a few months ago, so I had some time to test it even for full workdays.

- has medium towards high coverage
- feels lightweight
- SPF 15, which made it good for winter
- a little goes a long way
- stays put throughout the whole day if set
- packaging feels luxurious and sturdy
- comes with a pump, which is a plus for hygiene

- the surface is kinda' dewy/sticky if not set with a finishing powder
 - the price: 44$
- if you have the slightest bits of dead skin, it makes it look more obvious (eventhough most foundations can do that, so I'll go easy on this little guy)

This is one of the looks I did using this foundation, but it is of course a full-face make-up:

It is a good product for sure, however, I think I'll try another one from the same price range after finishing this one. Anything you would recommend? :D


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