Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Make-Up Artists - Destruction and Disaster! 😱 part I

   If you are a make-up artist who wants to go out of their way and show their customers flexibility and adaptability, you surely know what it is like working in chaotic environments. When your customers are preparing for an important event such as a wedding, baptism or funeral, they are all stressed, rushing for time, noisy and curious at the same time. Ok, morbid jokes aside! 
   You will absorb all of that energy and will still need to keep a steady hand. Sometimes, while you are focusing on your work of art and everybody else is focusing on everything else, the children can have access to things they shouldn't have access to. Like your make-up kit. 
   I would like to present the first product of many, that got into the wrong little hands and returned from war wounded:

    Oh well! Here you can see a look I created with this palette back when it was still not tarnished, hehe! In artificial and natural light:

Also, my first test video on my YouTube Channel was for this very look. I will totally update my filming tools, but meanwhile, please subscribe if you like my poor-quality test vids so far!


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  1. Your videos are good and inspiring. Keep up the good work!!