Friday, January 12, 2018

Happy New Year 2018 !!!

   Hello dear peeps, and first of all, Happy New Year!!! <3

   Leaving all the sparkly cheers aside, it is time to get a bit, but just a bit realistic. For me, 2017 has been an incredibly tumultuous year. Without detailing things too much: I've moved apartments, I now live with my cat, Pazuzu. The name fits him like a glove, since he can be a vicious little creeper, haha. 

   Also, I've changed jobs twice. First change was not what I had expected, didn't like the atmosphere either, so after taking a summer vacation to visit home and then visit my friends in Budapest, I started at another multinational company and I like it so far...well, for as long as I plan to stay in Romania, at least. 

   Now for the classical things: What are your new-years resolutions? I haven't made up any really firm ones, but will definitely try to be at the gym more regularly, continue eating healthy enough, which is something I already started in these past months. Funny, the healthier you eat for a longer while, the less unhealthy cravings you will have. That is a win-win situation, I must say. 

   I'd love to hear about your ambitions for this year, so leave a comment and inspire me! :D


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