Sunday, September 11, 2016

Resurrection, books

   Hello my ghouls, I hope I can really say I am back from the dead this time! Since recently I've had a tiiiny bit more time to spend in front of my laptop, yeah, I guess I can say that! However, I haven't had that much time for make-up experiments lately, so my first few posts after this long time of absence will mostly be about places I visited this summer, stuff I bought, concerts I've been to. They have been some damn exciting months, for sure! Hope I can begin to tell you all about it later today. For now, I'll show you the last lot of books I've acquired, read and plan to read a.s.a.p.

   Haruki Murakami seems to have me hooked on his books, the feeling when you found a book you just can't let go of once you've started reading is priceless.

   I've already read Norwegian Wood and loved it. The other three will follow, not quite sure in what order yet. For more of my reading lists and book recommendations, here is my Goodreads account. 

And books are especially awesome when you read them in a place like this (called La Placinte, it is a chain of caffe/ restaurants in Romania):

Which are your favourite places to read? And fav books?


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