Sunday, May 13, 2012

Just another Mini Haul

   Hey sweets. You know that no matter how much make-up you have, it is never enough, right? Well, yesterday I had to 'paint up' some models for a fashion show and I realized I could use some more colors for highlighting, and I wanted some more neutral colors anyway. I have the 180 palette, but it has way more excentric, vibrant colors than neutral, and even some of the few neutrals that are matte, are dusty and unpigmented. So I opted for some fast and cheaper solution. I guess many of you are familiar with the Ruby Rose cosmetics. They are usually pretty cheap and I personally love them, the quality is good too. They have all sorts of colors, neutral ones, bold ones, unusual ones...Perfect. So I got this pretty huge palette and I think it's EXTREMELY pretty. Here's a pic & swatch 'parade':
Swatched some of the colors randomly
Tried to fit it all in the pic :P
The lower compartment has 5 more colors (swatched below), plus some powder and blush that can always come in handy. Some mini pencils which I might not really use often, sponges and there was also a little brush included, but it fell out in my bag somewhere. 
Needless to say, I love it. Has many light colors for highlights, thing that I was looking for, since I always run out of them so fast. Pastels, pearly, shimmery, extra-shimmery (with big glitter particles) and matte ones - ALL SUPER PIGMENTED <3 I don't really see the use in buying high-end, super expensive palettes, which contain even less colors, when you can but something for half the price or much cheaper and still get great quality. By the way, ALL THE SWATCHES WERE DONE WITHOUT ANY BASE/ PRIMER. Plus the colors are larger cpmpared to the ones in the 180 palette for example and contain a bigger amount of product. 

Got a little bonus too, also from Ruby Rose, a smaller palette, which has a lot of neutrals as well, some beautiful champagne shades, some bronze shades, peachy shades and some greyish blue and green. This is small and much easier to carry around for smaller events or everyday use and it was really cheap (7ron). I swatched some of my favs of this one as well:
Last but not least, I bought a Farmasi lipgloss too, a nude shade. I am EXTREMELY satisfied with it, and I rarely like using glosses. This one is creamy, gives good coverage and it's not shimmery, which is great for me. This swatch didn't turn out too successful, but I'll return with a make-up look (will be perfect for summer in particular) using these products soon, hopefully. Until then:

What do you think of them? Have you tried any of these? Mwuah! :*

Note! Reviews contain my personal honest opinion about the product.


  1. I haven't heard of Ruby Rose but that looks like a really nice palatte.

  2. never heard of that company either but those colors are NICE!

  3. Yess, they are super pretty and useful! :D