Saturday, June 30, 2012

Review: Farmasi Gleam Rouge

   Howdy! Today, I wanted to give you more insight on a product I've shown you in one of my recent posts. Oh, and did I mention I fell in love with it right away? No? Well I did! And I'm talking about a lip product by a brand I quite like in general, because of the price and quality, which usually pleased me: Farmasi. As I was saying, I was on a hurry and I was seeking a nude shade, without glitter/shimmer/pearly finish. Then I spotted out this baby, Gleam Rouge Liquid Lipstick by Farmasi! The shade is nr. 18. Some swatches:
In natural light:

- truly lovely nude shade
- good coverage, looking natural at the same time (doesn't look like you applied concealer instead of lipcolor, like some nude glosses/lipsticks)
- not stickly at all on the lips...might seem like it when opening it, but on the lips it isn't at all
- price, which I kind of forgot, I know it was less than 10 Ron, which is very cheap for this very satisfying quality AND amount, since it's pretty massive!

- None...please tell me if you find one! :P

Note! Reviews contain my personal honest opinion about the product.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

KKCenterHK lashes

   As I promised, I will show you how the lashes I got from KKCenterHK look when they are in use. The quality of these pictures is pretty horrible, but it is better than nothing! And as soon as I get my hands on my cousin's awesome camera, I will show you something better. Until then:

Work was in progress here:


Again, I apologize for the bad quality. As you can see, they are awesome, I picked some that are not very dramatic but the effect is undoubtable! Find these and many many more on !

Note! Reviews contain my personal honest opinion about the product.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Facebook page

Hails, sweethearts! 
   I have a longer post on the way, but until then, I'd love to invite you to my new facebook page I created for my make-up art and projects. It's still pretty empty, I'll do something about that as soon as I have more time. Please feel free to join the page by hitting 'Like'. Thanks! :)

Facebook page:
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