Wednesday, December 19, 2012

NOTD: Winter Night Sky

   Yes, now that I am back, you can expect more than 1 post per day. Surprisingly, this year I am enjoying winter more than usually, which is weird 'cause I hate cold. But I guess I owe that to other 'happy factors'. :D I usually love dark colors or some colors combined with black and so on. I also like shiny dark/ black things, also with subtle glitter of a color that is my style (you will rarely, or never see me with pastels or french manicure with stones etc.). 

   This suits many styles, it can be considered funky, ellegant, festive, as well as edgy, dark, goth-ish. I also know that I like black on my nails, I like blue on my nails, why not a combination that gives the result I just described above? I don't really adapt my make-up and nails to seasons, but I think the cold tone matches winter and the glitter goes well with the upcoming holidays.

I used: 1 coat of Miss Sporty nail strengthener, 2 coats of black Farmasi polish, 1 coat of  blue Aden nail gliter.

What's your favourite nail style this week? x

*Note! Reviews contain my personal honest opinion about the product.


  1. That's a beautiful look - the black with sparkles is very pretty for the winter! :o)

    I've been having my nails done with that UV shellac polish for the last six months, and apparently it does eventually ruin your nails. They all broke off VERY short last week. So my nails will be hiding in my pockets until they grow back! :o(

  2. They look very nice! Dark colors are also my favorites, today I have a kind of french style with dark red and a sparkly dark grey on the tips.
    Hope you post more often...