Friday, October 19, 2012

Hottie Of The Week

   I thought of having a weekly post called 'Hottie Of The Week'. Of course this is a bit subjective since looks are a matter of each person's taste, but I'll be posting about celebrities I think have a great style, mind and are 'gifted', both men and women. I mean, who doesn't like eye-candy? 

Hottie Of The Week: TRAVIS FIMMEL

Travis (born 15 July 1979) is an Australian actor and former model. His modeling for Calvin Klein and starring with Patrick Swayze in TV series 'The Beast' stand out particularly. He can also be seen in movies like 'Restraint' or TV series 'Tarzan', that was interrupted after the first few episodes.

I am not such a sucker for 'perfect abs' or Ken-like (Barbie's Ken :P) hunks, but the combination of this guy's natural attitude, sense of humor and looks captivated me many years ago.

I think he is a great actor, model and he is beautiful! And something fun I also enjoyed was when he was invited to Sharon Osbourne's talkshow, but I can't find that on youtube anymore.. :(

Hope you enjoyed the first post of this kind! :)

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