Friday, October 26, 2012

FAVISAN mini Haul

   My hair can be REALLY annoying and I can't even blame it. I've been coloring it since I was about 15 years old, then about 2-3 years ago I bleached it...BIG MISTAKE. Now it gets very oily SUPER fast, like the second day after washing it :\ I've recently shortened it to a bit more than shoulder length and trying to take care of  it. Was looking for a more natural shampoo for frequent use, and just use my higher-end ones (Syoss and L'Oreal - both for the much needed volume) when I go out or so.

Thanks to Sabina's review, I've decided to give Favisan a go! I bought two, an anti-dandruff version that will hopefully also get me rid of the excessive sebum my scalp produces, oh and I love the fact that there is mint in the list of ingredients, I love the smell of mint! I've just used this one once and so far it left me a good impression, though I will review it in the future! The price is more than awesome (as you can see on the price tag I didn't remove yet), they cost 9 Ron each.

(Sorry, it's a Romanian product and everything on the package stands in Romanian language.)

   And the one Sabina reviewed, a nourishing shampoo for hair-growth. I am curious about this one too, but I will start using this one a bit later on, first I want to try balaning my scalp with the previous one. Will also review this one in the future!

Have you tried any Favisan products? x


  1. Pe cel pentru regenerarea parului il am eu :) Daca nu-mi clatesc parul cu apa acidulata cum scrie pe spate, e grav de tot. Spala bine parul, dar tot am nevoie de Placenta de la Kallos ca sa fie si domolit :)
    Sa le folosesti cu placere! :*

    1. Nu stiu, eu inca nu m-am clatit asa cum e recomandat, doar cu apa simpla ca ma grabeam, dar imi lasa parul destul de ok, nu-i asa flescait :)) Dar o sa incerc si cu extra stuff, poate azi :D Si masca de la placenta o am si o ador! Multumesc mult! :*